Sunday, May 31, 2015

Me and My Sister

My sister drives me crazy sometimes!  Do your siblings bother you?  Surely I'm not alone in this situation.  I can't tell you if Jenna's my big sister or my younger sister.  There's no way for us to know which of us is older.  Usually my parents refer to me as the middle child simply due to the fact that I was adopted second and Jenna was adopted third.  Grandma says I also have lots of middle child characteristics (and Grandma would know all about those herself).

We've had several warm days here over the past few weeks and have been able to enjoy our outdoor dawg beds.  The problem is, Jenna seems to follow me everywhere!  I can't enjoy a moment's peace to myself!

I was outside earlier this week and she sat right in front of me.  I think she was trying to catch all the sun's rays for herself!

I got up to move to another of our outdoor beds . . .

. . . and she followed me!!

Then there are the times when she insists on sitting on the same bed.  We have THREE, one for each of us.  WHY do we need to share the same one????

Somehow I end up being the one who is pushed off the bed eventually!

[sigh]  Life is ruff sometimes.  I guess if this is all I have to complain about then it's not really so bad.  I know I should enjoy this time with Jenna.  And I should take it as a compliment that she wants to spend so much time with me.  I'm sure all dawgs would feel the same way if given the chance!

But can't I go out alone sometimes, Mommy?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Whole Latte MORE Trouble!

You would think by now Mommy would KNOW not to keep any food or drinks within licking distance of Jenna.  Mommy can be so smart sometimes and so dumb at other times.  Daddy was in the garage working on something and he called for Mommy's help.  She went out to help him and upon her return, she discovered just how dumb she was.  (And how smart Jenna was!)

After all these years, I now know why it's called a COFFEE table!!!  Mommy left her coffee mug on the coffee table and Jenna decided to help herself.  Mommy was not amused, but she thought the books and magazines were safe since they didn't appear to be in the coffee.  However when she got down on her knees to clean up the mess, she realized even more coffee was on the shelf below.  Coffee was seeping under the nice books located there.  That's when Mommy lost it and put the camera away (duh).  Jenna and Dixie were sent to their crates until the clean up was complete.

Once the criminal and her side kick were released, Jenna begged forgiveness in the form of licks all over Mommy's face (probably looking for more coffee, don't you think?).  Dixie decided to see if Mommy had missed any spots.  She began licking the carpet and the front of the coffee table just for good measure.

Hopefully this is another lesson learned for Mommy!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pill Popper!

As I grow older and older, I have to take more and more pills to keep myself running (well, not literally).  On Aunt Holly's advice, Mommy purchased a pill box to help make the routine run more smoothly at meal times.  Recently, Mommy learned a new lesson in life: close the lids as you fill them up and start in the middle of the box!  Mommy had prepared the pill box for the entire week and had begun to close the lids when disaster struck.

Apparently she pushed down a bit too hard on one end and WHAM!  The box turned over and pills were EVERYWHERE!

Lesson learned!  I guess you can't teach an old dawg new tricks, but you can teach Mommy . . . I'll let you decide if she's old or not!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Behind the Party Scene

While Mommy and I were taking selfies on my birthday, apparently there was a bit of excitement going on behind the scenes unbeknownst to us.  Mommy and I cracked up when we reviewed the pictures!  Enjoy!

Hope you had a good laugh,

Saturday, May 16, 2015


My birthday party was so much fun!!!!  Your invitation must have been lost in the mail because I'm sure you were invited!  It was a great birthday for me.  I was feeling frisky and spry on my BIG day!

Mommy picked up all of our delicious treats at the local dawggie bakery.  The party started with appetizers of ice cream cones topped with muffins and sprinkles.

There are only two cones in this picture because You Know Who helped herself to the kitchen counter before they made it outside.  I think she also helped herself to half of Dixie's cone once we were outside.  Dixie eats in such a slow lady-like fashion that she misses out on half the treats due to You Know Who!  Mommy should be thankful her plate survived!

The cones were superb and would have been enough for me, but not for Mommy.  She said we were going ALL OUT  this year and she didn't disappoint.  She took me inside and showed me the main course: CAKE!!!!  While my sisters were outside (with You Know Who trying to break down the door), Mommy proceeded to set the cake on fire!  THIRTEEN candles is a lot of candle power.

I have no idea what flavor this cake was (I ate too fast to notice) and neither does Mommy.  She would normally sample our treats for herself (seriously), but she's on a doctor ordered wheat and dairy free diet and couldn't have any.  She did sneak a bite of the icing and said it had a lemony taste.

We then took cake outside to my sisters.  They loved it too.  And I was allowed a second piece.  It is my birthday after all!

For dessert, I helped myself to the paper plate.  You know I can't resist a good piece of paper.  It probably wasn't good for me, but  . . . well, it is my birthday!

Meanwhile Dixie wanted to play ball.  No surprise there, right?

Jenna was the perfect party guest . . . except for stealing everyone's food, of course!  She finally agreed to sit for a tiny moment for Mommy to take her slightly blurry picture!

Naturally, Mommy had to take the required selfies with me.  I'd complain more if she wasn't so dawg gone good at them!  Her hair is straight again because she had to have a few (ha!) gray hairs covered up this week.  I'd better be careful or she might take me to the salon to have mine covered up too!  I think I have fewer per square inch than she does (and we both have really big heads).  What will she look like when she's my age???

Next up on the party agenda was PLAY TIME!  Well, Dixie and Jenna played . . . I watched!

Hosting a great party is ruff work!  It doesn't take long at my age to become the pooped pooch!

Too bad you weren't here to share in the fun.  We missed you!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Mine, All Mine

When Mommy and Daddy brought home the Duck Dynasty ducks, they intended to give them to me and Jenna.  Then Hunter claimed one for himself and I was left out.  Lately, Jenna seems to have laid claim to both ducks and she carries them around with her.  They go into her crate, they hop up on the sofa, they play fetch, they even go out to potty.  They are HERS!!

Looks like Mommy needs to teach someone to share!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lucky Thirteen!!!

Our dear sweet chocolate brother turns THIRTEEN today!!!!!!  We have a big celebration planned for tonight, so we'll share pictures with you later.  In honor of the big day, Mommy took a few pictures to show off her oldest and possibly dearest.

Naturally the moment can't pass without a selfie.  [sigh]  It's not that Mommy needs pictures of herself.  It's that she wants pictures of her with Hunter, and there were no humans around to help out at the time.  We girls have trouble pushing the right button with our paws.  So the result is a selfie.  Lucky for Mommy, Hunter is the most accommodating of her need to be in a picture with one of us!  (Either that, or he's just too old to run for the hills!  Something to ponder . . . )

Happy 13th Birthday, Hunter!!!!

Love from your favorite sisters, 
Dixie and Jenna

PS: Belated birthday wishes to Poppa who celebrated his big day yesterday.  Happy Birthday today to Uncle Wes and Uncle Heath.

Monday, May 11, 2015

My Clean Up Crew

When my parents are gone, I spend a great deal of time in the dining room.  There is carpet in there (which I prefer over the hardwood and tile) and a huge window that allows me to perform my daily job of Neighborhood Watchman.  Unfortunately, I had an accident one day recently.  Mommy had tried to get me to do my business outdoors and had asked Daddy to take me out one more time as well just to be safe.  I don't know what came over me, but I needed to GO!  I never do that!  I was so embarrassed.  What's worse is that in order to get the full picture, you have to understand how I tend to poop . . . I don't stand still.  I walk all over the place while doing my business.  You know what that means . . . it was ALL around the dining room table!  And then, much to my chagrin, I stepped in it!!!  [sigh]  Have I told you lately growing old stinks?  Literally!

Thankfully, I did not track my mess into other rooms of the house.  There was still a BIG mess for Mommy to clean up when she arrived home.  She usually uses a Resolve spray when there is a spot on the carpet.

The spray was NOT going to work on this much mess, so she dragged out the steam machine.  She emptied the reservoir THREE times and still wasn't totally finished.  But then something strange happened.  The cap on the canister where you add cleaning solution became stuck.  She tried and tried to get it off, but it wouldn't budge.  She finally decided to wait for Daddy to come home to help.  If anyone could fix it, she knew he could.

Daddy could tell Mommy was tired and frustrated from being on the clean up crew, so he immediately set to work trying to remove the cap.  On the bright side, he successfully removed the cap . . . unfortunately, he tore up the section that holds the cap in place essentially rendering the steam cleaner useless.  Mommy said to tell you it also had a hose that had been duct taped for years that she had been meaning to replace, but never did.  They decided to look on the even brighter side: they have definitely gotten their money's worth from the original steam cleaner.  It's almost thirteen years old (like me; coincidence??) and has served us well over the years.  My sweet Daddy showed up with a brand new and much lighter weight steam cleaner the next day and Mommy finished the clean up.

For once, Mommy didn't take before and after shots of this fiasco!  I guess all's well that end's well.  At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's an Epidemic!

Remember how our parents deserted us last weekend and went off to have a good time without us???  Well, it's come back to bite them in the hiney big time!  I started coughing and gagging Thursday afternoon when Mommy arrived home from work.  At first, she says I just sounded like I was choking on something so she didn't pay too much attention.  When Daddy arrived I did the same thing, and he thought I was about to throw something up and shooed me outside.  A couple hours later there was no doubt in Mommy's mind what was going on . . . I had the kennel cough!

If you don't know about the kennel cough, it's a highly contagious bacterial infection that spreads when dawgs get together to have a good time.  There is a vaccine for it and all three of us had the vaccine back in October before our parents took off for a weekend getaway.  The vaccine is supposed to be good for a year.

Off to the vet we went for medicine to make me feel better.

I was a good girl, but I can't say the same for Mommy!

As luck would have it, I had to end up in the room with the cat shaped glove dispenser.  
Hunter has all the luck when he's at the vet!

We came home with medicine for me and Hunter (because he's so old and bound to get it too).  Mommy and the vet were crossing their fingers that Dixie wouldn't catch it also.  No such luck!  This morning ALL THREE of us were coughing and gagging!

Last weekend isn't looking like such a sweet escape now is it???

PS: Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you moms.  I'm sure our mom is going to have a fabulous time with all of her sick babies!