Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Mommy gave to us:

Jenna poses with Daddy's newest goose decoys!
Twelve liver treats
Eleven rawhide bones
Ten belly rubs
Nine bowls of kibble
Eight flying Frisbees
Seven tennis balls
Six hunting decoys
Five squeaky toys
Four pepperonis
Three red bandannas
Two training bumpers
And a bowl full of yummy cold cuts!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Yankee Christmas?

The Yankees around here have a few unusual Christmas traditions.  Our Southern parents like to put the Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  If Thanksgiving is early like it was this year, they might wait one more weekend, but that is really pushing it.  So many of Mommy's friends here wait until the week before Christmas to put up their tree, or even stranger yet, Santa puts the tree up on Christmas Eve!  Doesn't Santa have enough to worry about than to put up a tree, put lights on it, and decorate it?  No wonder he wants milk and cookies when he arrives!  I know Santa has a bit of magic up his sleeves, but putting a tree up is surely more responsibility than he needs (or wants)!  Where does he carry that tree?  Does it fit on the sleigh with all of the other gifts?  Hmmm . . . perhaps there's an advantage to this strategy; Mommy wouldn't have to drag Daddy from tree to tree looking for the perfect one!  I'm sure Santa's trees are perfect! 

Another strange tradition (at least in Mommy's opinion) is waiting to put the gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve.  Why in the world would you wait?  If a gift is wrapped, shouldn't it go under the tree?  How can I shake it up and guess what it is if I can't see it or touch it?  You humans might not know it, but those gifts under the tree have smells too!  Part of the fun of Christmas is trying to guess what's in each package.  I like to sniff around to try to find the ones that might belong to me.  Daddy likes to take Mommy's small gifts and wrap them in giant boxes with lots of extra packing so nothing inside makes a movement or sound at all!  Mommy likes to wrap gifts before she even has a tree.  That way, when the tree goes up, the gifts go underneath and the "look" is complete!

Mommy may think these Yankee customs are strange, but she puts wreaths on every door in the house (minus the closet doors)!  Isn't the front door enough?  Look closely to see what Mommy has added to this one!  This wreath is my personal favorite and hangs in the kitchen.  There is even an outline of me on it!

No matter what traditions your family has, enjoy them!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is in the Air!

Christmas is almost here!  Can you smell it?  [sniff, sniff]  I sure could yesterday.  Mommy came home with sixteen loaves of sourdough bread.  Do you know how good SIXTEEN loaves of bread smell?  YUMMY!!!!

Remember all of that grape jelly Mommy and Daddy made back in September?  She decided to give jelly and fresh baked bread to Daddy's co-workers for Christmas presents.  Mommy decided the jelly was enough of a homemade gift; she bought the bread yesterday afternoon.  (She says she's good, but not that good!)  While we were out playing she tried to sneak it in the house without us noticing, but we are way too smart for that!  As soon as we came back inside, we knew something was in the air.  We were all doing the happy dance!  I was especially good at sniffing out the goods.  I tried to get at the kitchen counter from all angles.  Mommy was NOT pleased with my behavior,  but I just couldn't help myself.  It smelled sooooooo good! 

Oh well!  Better lick next time!  Maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive one of those packages . . .

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lights! Camera! Action?

Mommy has been on the Pinterest lately . . . can you tell??

Seriously, I have to wear this?

You want me to do what?    [sigh]   
The things I do for Mommy . . . 

This is more like it!

Nope.  Not gonna happen!  Think again, Mommy!

Despite Dixie's eye roll and the stressed look in Hunter's eyes, no dawgs were harmed in the shooting of these pictures!  Woof!  Woof!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Ready for the Rocking Chair Yet

A couple weeks ago Mommy let all of us out to do our business in the morning as she usually does.  Hunter took about three steps outside and promptly turned around.  He hightailed it back inside and turned towards the laundry room.  The reason for his detour?  Frost on the deck!  He is definitely a Minnesota dog!  Poor Hunter hates walking on the slippery deck when it's frosted over.  He is willing to take his chances with the kitchen's ceramic tiles in order to avoid the deck!  Instead of going out to the yard via the deck, Mommy lets us out in the laundry room.  From there, Hunter only has to manage his way down three stairs.  It can still be tricky, but less wood to cover on the whole.  Since that cold morning, Hunter seems to know when it is cold enough to frost over and has been heading straight through the kitchen in the mornings to the back door.  How does he know?  Is Mommy letting him use the computer after Dixie and I have gone to bed?  Is he staying up late at night to watch TV?  Daddy says not to worry; Hunter knows because he feels it in his old bones. 

Hunter may be old some days, but he's still got it!  He has been having a blast lately playing with the frisbee in the afternoons.  He can't out run me and Jenna, but he does know his left from his right which is an advantage.  Hunter listens to Mommy call out which direction the toy is heading and he turns instantly in that direction to catch it before it lands.  He's so smart!  He has also been doing his best to keep up with us when Jenna and I chase each other around the yard.  I guess he's not ready for the rocking chair yet!

Hunter's much younger (and beautiful) sister,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa Paws,
We are really looking forward to your visit this year.  This is Jenna's first Christmas with us, so it should be a howling good time.  Yippee!!  Woof!  Woof!  We decided to make a list of the items we want the most for Christmas.  We each added a few items to the list. 
  1. a third arm for Mommy (it's hard to love on all of us at the same time with just two)
  2. tennis balls (mostly for Dixie)
  3. stuffed animals without the stuffing (not as messy)
    This is the ONLY picture Mommy
    could capture of the three of us!
  5. squeaky balls (even though they drive Daddy crazy!)
  6. snow
  7. more treats
  8. a new love seat just for us . . . . better make it a full size sofa!
  9. more squirrels in the backyard to chase
  10. more rabbits to chase would be good too
  11. frisbees
  12. treats (Jenna is the one who keeps adding this to the list)
  13. a new blanket (Hunter's choice)
  14. breath mints
  15. twenty minutes alone in the grocery store (take a wild guess about who wrote this one!)
We hope we haven't asked for too much.  We've really been good this year.  We're sure you'll agree . . .

Wags and Kisses,
Hunter, Dixie, & Jenna

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Say Cheese!

Mommy held our annual Christmas photo shoot today.  She said it went better than expected.  Of the three of us, Hunter was the least cooperative.  You would think he would have been the best since he's had the most experience with Mommy and her camera.  (Of course, maybe that's why he was so unwilling!!)  Jenna sat perfectly perfect as usual.  There was only one picture of the three of us from Mommy's solo attempt.  When Daddy arrived home he agreed to help out and was determined to get a perfect shot of the three of us.  We still don't have a great one, but don't tell Mommy that!  She might want to have another photo session.  We're crossing our paws, that won't happen!  Here are our best shots . . .


This is as good as it gets with the three of us!

Or do you like this one better?


Beautiful Me


Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming!!  We are officially ready here at the Dawg House!  Mommy has finished shopping and wrapping.  The tree is up, the lights are on, and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  There is a new stocking up this year!  Daddy had to rearrange the hooks on the mantle to make room for Jenna's, but I think the result looks pretty good.  We each have a stocking that looks remarkably like us. 

Dinner time has been interesting the past two days.  Each year when the tree goes up, our food bowls have to be moved to another location.  I am quite used to this process, but my sisters aren't.  When Mommy dishes up our food Jenna runs to her crate, and Dixie runs to her usual place which is currently on the left side of the Christmas tree.  I can understand Jenna's behavior since technically she could still eat in her crate and this is her first Christmas with us.  Dixie on the other hand is definitely confused!  Does she think Mommy is going to place her bowl beneath the tree with the presents??  We are temporarily eating in the dining room.  That makes perfect sense, don't you think?  I wonder how many days it will take for my sisters to catch on . . .

Mommy had an interesting dinner experience herself tonight.  After fixing her plate, she went into the garage to retrieve a soda (for you Yankees), or pop (for you Mid-Westerners), or Coke (for you Southerners and it was actually a Diet Coke) from the extra drink fridge.  After she had been eating her dinner for several minutes, we all heard a very high pitched yelp.  The yelp for help was coming from Dixie!  Dixie had become trapped in the garage when she followed Mommy in there without Mommy noticing.  This has happened before, but it's been a while.  Poor Dixie.  Won't she ever learn? 

I'll leave you with a picture of Jenna in front of the tree.  Mommy hasn't forced us into the usual Christmas tree photo session --- yet!  I'm sure it's coming, but Mommy got lucky with this one! 

Have a great week!  Woof!  Woof!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Did you have a good Turkey Day?  Mommy and Daddy did.  They flew to Georgia for a Southern Thanksgiving.  Did we get to fly with them?  No!  Mommy tells me there were some yip-yip dogs in large "purses" at the airport.  Neither of us believes anyone should be allowed to take a dog on a plane and stuff it under a seat when she can't take me!  Perhaps she could just buy me a seat?  I would be happy to take the middle seat and spare Mommy and Daddy from that unlucky position.  Oh well.  I think the least they could have done was bring us some of the Thanksgiving leftovers.  Where is the cornbread dressing?  Mommy knows I LOVE bread!!!  Daddy is trying to convince her to make us some right now . . .

Speaking of flying, did you know you can't fly with grape jelly in your carry-on bag?  Daddy said HE knew; Mommy knows NOW!  Mommy wanted to take Mimi and Aunt Carol some of our homemade jelly, so she wrapped it in bubble wrap and stuck it in her carry-on for safe travel.  When the bag went through the x-ray machine, the TSA lady asked Daddy if he had jelly packed.  He was about to say of course not, when Mommy said yes!  Apparently despite the fact that all the radio stations had been discussing flying with pies and casseroles this past week, jelly is NOT allowed!  (Later, Daddy just kept asking Mommy if she knew what Napalm looked like.  Apparently she didn't.  She knows NOW that it looks like JELLY without the color!)  Mommy had two options: give up the jelly or turn around, check the carry on, and go all the way back through security again . . . Mommy gave up the jelly.   Mimi and Aunt Carol may never get a chance to enjoy it. 

We spent Thanksgiving at the kennel again.  I guess if we have to spend time away from home, it's a good place to go: radiant heated floors, indoor-outdoor runs, fields to run in.  Mommy said she felt guilty when she dropped us off because all of the other mommies had brought their dogs' beds.  Mommy doesn't like to bring big bulky items to the kennel because it's hard to clean them after.  We're lucky if we have a blanket to call our own while we are there!  The kennel offers "family" runs where multiple dogs can stay together.  They always want to know if Mommy wants that option since there are three of us, but thankfully Mommy says no.  She knows we might torture each other if left together in a small space for several days!  I know I would mind my own business, but Jenna would be all over us and Dixie would be stressed out as a result!  Instead, we stay side-by-side and get to play with each other during the day. 

On the way home from the kennel, we all rode in the back seat of the truck.  I like to stand in the middle and show my parents the love.  (I tend to pant and drool quite a bit on the console.)  Dixie and Jenna like to sit on either side of me and watch the world go by.  Dixie apparently wanted to get a closer look because she decided to put the window down!  All of a sudden Mommy felt a breeze whipping through the truck and screamed for Daddy to roll Dixie's window up.  It was a tiny bit stressful there for a moment, but no dawgs were injured on the ride home. 

We are happy to be home.  Usually we put our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but since it came so early this year Mommy has decided to wait.  I think she is really waiting because she has no idea how three dawgs are going to handle moving around a tree!  I have always been very well behaved around the tree.  Dixie has done well too with the exception of her hyperactive tail that tends to knock ornaments off occasionally.  Now we have Jenna too!  Mommy is fearful for her ornaments and the tree itself.   I personally think Jenna's biggest temptation might be the wrapping paper on all of those presents under the tree.  I wonder if Mommy has thought about that yet?? 

Woof!  Woof!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

Happy Turkey Day!  We hope you have a great day celebrating all of the blessings you have been given!  We've been counting our blessings too and wanted to share them with you.

Hunter's list:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • My many beds throughout the house (especially the big green one)
  • The blankets I like to suck on
  • Treats

Dixie's list:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Tennis balls
  • Treats
  • Tennis balls
  • Stuffed animals
  • Tennis balls

Jenna's list:
  • Food
  • A furever home with my new Mommy and Daddy
  • Treats
  • My siblings Hunter and Dixie
  • Food

Just so you know, we listed Mommy first simply because she's the one who spends the most time with us.  She feeds us, bathes us, plays with us, and is the main reason we were adopted.  Don't worry, Daddy's pretty special too!  He likes to play, sneaks us treats, and gives the perfect scratch behind the ears.

Enjoy your day!  Gobble 'til you wobble!


"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
His love endures forever."   
Psalm 107:1

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can You Ear Me Now?

I love being me, but I so wish I could be more like my sisters sometimes.  I HATE having my ears cleaned and they become dirty pretty frequently.  It doesn't matter what kind of food I eat, or how often I take a bath, my ears are dirty.  After staying at the kennel last weekend, Mommy noticed Jenna was doing the "helicopter" and "slide."  For those of you not in the know, the helicopter is when we shake our heads back and forth making a vibrating noise in an effort to relieve the itchy pain in our ears.  The slide is when we put our heads to the ground, specifically our ears, and push our heads around the floor also in an effort to take away the irritation.  I specialize in the helicopter; Jenna leans more towards the slide.  Dixie doesn't seem to have a preference, or her ears don't really get dirty!   Either way, the presence of the moves will surely lead Mommy toward ear cleaning time.  Yuck!

This is one of the few situations when I wish I was more like the girls.  Dixie went first; she simply sat for Mommy and waited patiently while her ears were cleaned.  She didn't moan or groan.  Just sat there!  Jenna went next.  She wasn't crazy about going into the bathroom to do the deed (perhaps she thought a bath was about to occur), but once she got there, she just sat!  She had a few tiny whimpers, but I think that's just because Mommy was going in for a deep cleaning.  They were both so brave. 

Why can't I be like that?  I can recognize that ear cleaning solution from a mile away.  When I see that bottle come out of the cabinet, I take off in the opposite direction.  It's too bad I'm not small enough to hide under the bed!  When it was my turn, Mommy had to chase me down and grab me by the collar.  I totally ignored all commands to "COME!"  We never made it into the bathroom.  I can only force myself to go in there for baths; the linoleum on the floor scares me!  Once Mommy got a hold of me, I begrudgingly sat and let her clean my ears.  I made lots of moans and groans.  The cleaner she uses is seriously cold when it hits my ears.  I wonder if there is any way to safely heat it up?  I will have to ask Aunt Carol.  My poor little human cousin Sam has had several ear infections lately.  Maybe Aunt Carol knows a trick Mommy doesn't . . .

Did I tell you I HATE having my ears cleaned??  Ugh!

Wax and Cleansers,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mommy's Thoughts

I usually let the dawgs write about their lives, but I thought I would write a little bit about our morning. I spent the time cleaning and the dawgs spent most of that time outside enjoying the fresh air and barking up a storm. At one point I glanced out to see Jenna and Dixie sitting side by side scoping out the world. They looked exactly like the sisters they are! I tried to snag a couple of pictures of them through the sliding door and through the kitchen blinds before they saw me and moved. They had so much fun chasing each other around the yard today while trying to avoid the vacuum.

At one point while I was cleaning, Jenna decided to make herself comfy.  Her favorite place to relax when I am moving around the house is quickly becoming the bear skin rug in the man room!  Daddy does NOT like it when Jenna even walks on the rug much less curls up on it.  I think if she was allowed to roam freely in the house when we're away, she would make herself right at home on the rug.  He fears it would only be a matter of time before she took a bite out of it!  I think Jenna has better sense (except for toilet paper which is STILL an issue).
Shhh!  Don't tell Daddy!  That includes his co-workers who tend to tell him what his dawgs are writing since Daddy doesn't always read the blog.  (You know who you are!)  I couldn't resist taking these pictures.  Jenna is just beautiful sitting on the rug and blends in perfectly!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Armed and Dangerous!

It's been a while since you've heard from us.  That's because we've been on a mini-vacation.  Well, truthfully, Mommy and Daddy went on the actual vacation while we went to the kennel.  They went on a weekend mountain trip, and we spent time in our new "home away from home."  We did have a lot of fun making new friends.  We were able to stay up late and bark our heads off if we wanted without having Daddy tell us to be quiet.  Can you say PARTY?!?!?!

Mommy and Daddy had fun too.  They went trap shooting and horseback riding.  This was Mommy's first real experience with a shotgun and she had a blast (pun intended)!  Daddy was so impressed that she actually HIT the targets.  She didn't hit all of them of course, or even half of them, but she did HIT them!  That shotgun hit her shoulder quite a bit too and caused a lovely bruise.  Despite the bruise, she had fun and is ready to go again!  Daddy says he's a little worried because now Mommy is armed and dangerous!

They also had fun last weekend riding horses.  Mommy's horse was named Dixie!  Mommy says stubbornness must be attached to my name; I'm not sure what she meant by that . . . do you??  They tell me that riding can also cause bruises for those not used to it.  Mommy tried to listen to Daddy's directions at both events in order to avoid as much lingering pain as possible, but she has still taken quite a few pain killers this week.  I'm sure that allowing us to sleep with them a couple nights this week since their return has helped her feel better.  Jenna especially likes to settle between Mommy's feet. 

I hope you have a great Turkey Day!  Start making your list of all you're thankful for . . . I'm starting with my parents, brother, and sister!

Wags and Kisses,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A First for Jenna . . . Depending on How You Look at It!

This morning Jenna had a first  . . . or last, depending on how you look at it!  I choose to see it as a miracle for me and Hunter and believe Jenna actually came in last place!

This past summer while Mommy was in the pet store, a lady was giving out free samples of a new dog food.  These samples were dehydrated and required water to be added before the actual eating could take place.  This whole process sounded a bit weird to all of us, but Mommy took the samples to be friendly.  Those samples have been sitting with our dog treats in the laundry room for months.  Mommy has no intention of switching, but she can't waste anything. You have to understand she follows Poppa Hall's lead and squeezes out every last drop of toothpaste from the tube. She stops just short of cutting the tube open (Poppa doesn't stop; he digs right in). Daddy usually begins a new tube while Mommy is still trying to finish off the old one.  But I digress.  Enough bark about Mommy's frugalness.

Mommy decided today was the day to try the samples out.  The directions said to mix 1/3 cup warm water with the food and then wait five minutes.  Right there is the first problem!  Who has a dog that doesn't recognize the food bowl and know food is coming soon . . . not in FIVE minutes?!?!  We were hanging all over Mommy's feet as she proceeded to unload the dishwasher and do a few other chores as we anxiously awaited our food (i.e. Jenna drooled all over the floor). 

After waiting a LONG five minutes, Mommy decided the food didn't look like it was going to be enough to sustain us until dinner tonight.  After all, it was a sample!  She added a tiny bit of our food to the mix.  She noticed mine was a bit drier than Hunter's, so she added a few more drops of water and stirred it again.  Jenna's was still not that solid, but Mommy didn't think Jenna could stand it any longer.  I feel I must remind you that Jenna's bowl has dividers in it to slow her down when she eats.  Mommy bought the bowl for Hunter since he eats pretty quickly, but apparently you can't teach an old dog new tricks when it comes to his food bowl.  Mommy gave it to Jenna when we added her to the family and it's a good thing.  The girl is a canine vacuum!  Despite the dividers, Jenna always finishes first and then comes over to hang around Hunter and me in case we leave a morsel behind.  We don't, but
you have to give the girl credit for being an eternal optimist. 

Here is where the miracle occurred . . . Jenna took the longest to eat her breakfast!!!!!  Hunter finished first, I came in second place, and poor Jenna was still working her little heart out licking every last drop of food from her bowl.  Mommy was amazed.  For a split second, Mommy thought maybe she should consider buying this food just for Jenna.  But that really wouldn't be fair; that would be torture to Jenna.  And I would hate the thought of torturing Jenna.  NOT! 

I hope you have a great weekend.  Too bad we don't have more of those samples . . .

Wags and Kisses,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloweenie!!

We have survived Hurricane Sandy.  Although the storm was devastating to parts of our region, it turned out (thankfully) to be just a major wind and rain storm by the time it reached our house.  We appreciate all of the prayers you sent our way for our safety.  We lost our land line and internet for about twelve hours, but we never lost power.  Mommy was quite surprised that the power stayed on all night since we seem to lose power pretty easily at this house.  She has already placed the pumpkins and fall decorations back on the front porch, the election signs in the yard, and the pots on the deck.  She is leaving the deck furniture to Daddy.  The big question now is what to do with all of that stored up water???  Maybe Mommy will let us take a bubble bath?

It's almost here . . . Were you able to figure out what our costumes are going to be?  I am wearing the same costume I wore last year.  It was a good one and the best fitting, most comfortable one I've ever had.  I am going as a horse, of course!  Poppa Hall calls me a horse whenever he is around, so it is very fitting (literally).  It also doesn't detract from my naturally handsome good looks!


Mommy might be taking the "twin" idea a bit too far.  She decided the ghouls, I mean girls, should dress alike for the holiday.  Jenna and Dixie are going as Halloweenie Hotdogs!  They relish the thought of all that candy currently sitting on the dining room table waiting on the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.  I just hope Jenna doesn't decide to take a bite out of Dixie since Jenna is seriously into anything food related! 

May your Halloween be filled with more treats than tricks!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Update

What goes flying in the wind at 100 miles per hour?  One of us, that's what!  I weigh the most, so hopefully it won't be me!  My best guess would be Jenna since she weighs the least. 

Hurricane Sandy keeps bearing down on us.  Our little town is right in the path of the hurricane.  By the time some of you read this, it will be many hours later, but Hurricane Sandy just made land in Joisey! 

Mommy and Daddy were both able to stay home today, so we have been enjoying ourselves.  We haven't been able to play ball outside, but we have chased each other around the house pretty often.  It has been an effort to go outside to potty today.  None of us likes to be rained upon.  Dixie has required the most encouragement.  Mommy put on Daddy's hunting rain gear and accompanied us outside this afternoon to try to push Dixie in the right direction. 

So far, we have stored up well over 100 gallons of water just in case the worst happens (that's Daddy's doings).  We should be able to water the plants for some time to come (not that they'll need it after this storm!).  We haven't lost power yet, but Mommy fears it's only a matter of time . . .

I'm sure Mommy and Daddy will allow the girls to sleep upstairs again tonight.  That way we'll all be safe (or blown away) together!  The night time was the scariest part of Hurricane Irene last year.  I'm sure Sandy will be no different. 

Dripping Wet Wags and Kisses,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anticipation of a Different Kind . . .

How's the weather where you live?  Why do humans always ask this question?  Don't they have something better to talk about?  They could talk about their pets; that would be so much more exciting than the weather. 

We are bracing for our second hurricane in two years!  WOW!  Who would have thought that would ever happen where we live?  Not me!  Hurricane Sandy is going to pack a punch, yet it's only a Category 1 storm.   Mommy told us to cross our paws so that maybe she'll be able to miss a day of school and stay home with us.  She really doesn't expect a lot of damage, but the surrounding areas are prone to flooding even in a regular rain storm.  For now, the forecast is calling for the brunt of the storm to hit Monday night and into Tuesday.  It's still too early to tell how much we should expect from the storm, but we are busy preparing:
  • gallons of water:  check
  • bottled water:  check
  • even more water in the bath tub for flushing:  check
  • deck furniture tied down:  check
  • baby pool finally put away:  check (that one makes me sad)
  • gasoline in the vehicles:  check
  • gasoline for the generator:  check
  • food:  check (I wonder if Mommy has enough dog food too?)
  • books and magazines for Mommy to read:  check
  • new toys for me and my sisters:  check (Thanks, Daddy!)
  • purchase of floaties for the three of us . . . maybe tomorrow!
While Mommy and Daddy were busy preparing this weekend (under my supervision), Dixie and Jenna were having a blast in the great outdoors.  They spent quite a bit of time chasing each other in the yard Saturday.  They also apparently found some sort of trick or treat outside.  I say apparently because you could smell them from a mile away.  I have no idea what they got into, but it was quite a nasty smell!  As a result, Mommy had to give them a bath.  They should be ashamed of themselves; Mommy just gave us all a bath last weekend.  I love baths, but the girls aren't too sure about them.  Maybe that will teach them to stay out of stinky stuff!

I hope you have had a great weekend.  We are only a few days from Halloween!  I'm sure no matter what happens with Hurricane Sandy, the doorbell will be ringing soon.  I've got my bark on (but not my costume yet) and I'm ready!
Woof!  Woof!

PS: Isn't that a cool spider web Mommy captured on the deck recently?  Even the spiders are ready for Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Are you familiar with Alvin and the Chipmunks?  I'm sure you remember those cartoons (or more recently the movies).  Pretty soon you will begin to hear their Christmas song on the radio.  Alvin and the Chipmunks is EXACTLY what we have at our house.  Mommy was on the deck with all three of us yesterday when Daddy walked by.  He said he could hear Mommy fussing about something, and she sounded just like the father on the show except she was using other names (but not mine, of course).

I would be Simon, the smart one of the bunch.  He rarely gets into trouble (at least not by himself) and tries to lead his siblings along the right path.  That's definitely me!  I just sit back, relax, and watch Dixie and Jenna rush headfirst into all kinds of situations (sometimes literally).

Dixie and Jenna take turns being Theodore and Alvin.  Theodore is the chipmunk of less than average intelligence who blindly follows Alvin's lead.  He goes with the flow and sometimes finds himself in situations that cause him to ask, "How did I get here?"  On any given day, this could be either of my sisters.  On other days, Dixie and Jenna could be Alvin, the master mind of all diabolical plans who finds trouble wherever he turns. 

"DIXIE" is likely to be heard from Mommy's mouth when trying to play fetch, and Dixie refuses to drop the ball.  Dixie desperately wants to play fetch with the tennis balls, but it's a bit hard when you have two tennis balls crammed between your teeth and you won't let go of one long enough for the Chuckit to grab!  Very frustrating for all involved.  You might also hear "DIXIE" when Jenna looks at Dixie the wrong way; Dixie feels as if she has to guard any nearby toy with teeth bared and her little nose wrinkled up in a snarl. 

"JENNA" currently is heard most often when Mommy hears the pitter patter of paws on the bathroom floors.  You already know Jenna has an affinity for eating toilet paper.  This "addiction" isn't diminishing despite my parents' best efforts.  Mommy has tried everything she knows, but most recently has simply had to resort to placing the toilet paper on the back of the toilet.  She used to fuss at Daddy when he just placed the new roll on top of the toilet paper holder instead of actually threading it into place.  She doesn't fuss anymore.  Except at "JENNA!" 

The next time you hear chipmunks mentioned or hear that annoying Christmas song, just think of us and know you won't be hearing . . .

(It's been YEARS since that happened!)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Anticipation . . .

We are giddy with excitement!  Halloween is only eleven days away!!!  We love Halloween!  This will be Jenna's first Halloween at our house, so we're sure her presence will just add to the fun!  Do you know how many times our door bell rings?  LOTS!!!  We have about twenty to thirty trick-or-treaters each year.  It makes for a very exciting evening at our house.  The bell rings; we run to the door.  The bell rings; we run to the door.  The rugs go flying, Daddy grabs us, and Mommy grabs the candy.  (Mommy says she has to be responsible for the candy, or Daddy will give it all out to the first five children in large handfuls.)  It's too bad WE can't grab that candy!  Just thinking about it makes our tails wag!  Maybe we CAN nab the candy this year since Daddy only has two hands?  Hmmm . . .

As usual, we will be wearing our best looks for the evening.  (Daddy is rolling his eyes.)  This year's costumes are great.  Hunter found his fur-ever costume last year, so his won't be a surprise.  Dixie and Jenna have new costumes.  They won't exactly be watching their ghoulish figures in their costumes, but Jenna is pleased with the theme of hers!  Betcha can't wait to see us!  We relish the thought!

Wags and Kisses,
Hunter, Dixie, & Jenna

PS: Can you guess what we'll be wearing?  There's a hint above . . . and it has nothing to do with the ghoulish figure comment!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Picture Perfect?

Mommy said she tried for MONTHS to capture this picture before I ever joined the family.  Dixie and Hunter frequently take up this position on the deck in the afternoons.  Mommy believes it perfectly captures her canine babies' stages of life:
  • Dixie, at the age of two, is scouting out the world and ready to grab hold of whatever catches her fancy. 
  • Ten year old Hunter is relaxing and enjoying watching the world go by; he's happy to let Dixie "go get 'em" while he watches from the sidelines.

Naturally, the two of them posed long enough for the picture after I arrived on the scene and I'm no where to be found!  Oh well.  That's where these pictures come in . . . Can you guess which one I am? 


Sick as a Dawg

My poor sister, Dixie!  She was sick as a dawg this week.  Dixie urinated in her crate Tuesday (several times)!  In an attempt to escape the problem (or cover up the evidence), Dixie turned her entire crate bed over but it didn't really help.  Mommy thought at first that this problem was just because Dixie had not used the potty as many times as she normally does in the morning.  It was a busy morning here that day; Grandma and Poppa were packing up to leave for their home as Mommy was trying to head off to work.  Mommy just figured Dixie had not been able to hold it all day . . .

Mommy was wrong (that doesn't happen often, so don't tell Daddy!).  Dixie went outside to potty that afternoon with the rest of us.  And then she moved and pottied some more.  And then more.  And more.  And more . . . until she was just really going through the motions and nothing else was left!  Mommy knew then that something was wrong.  She called good 'ole Dr. Stoneback and he said he could see Dixie as soon as they arrived.  He was kind enough to stay open a little later just for Dixie. 

Dixie has nicely recovered and is back to hogging the toys!
You won't believe what Mommy let them do to Dixie!  First, Dixie had to go potty and the vet technician threw a bowl under her to try to catch it.  The indignity of that position!  Next, Dixie had to have her temperature taken.  Do you know where they take a dog's temperature?!?!?!?  Now that Dixie has told me, you can bet I will NEVER act sick even if I am on my death bed!  How humiliating!  Dixie said she whined and cried, but that did not stop Mommy and the technician from placing that thermometer in a place the sun doesn't shine!!!  No way!  That is NOT happening to me!

Dixie's pH was fairly out of whack and she had a good deal of blood in her urine, but thankfully the urinalysis showed nothing more than a typical bladder infection.   Dixie is already back to her usual self.  Wonder what causes that?  I hope I can't catch it.  The whole idea makes me a little worried.  My crate is right beside of hers . . . and there is NO WAY that thermometer is going to get close to me!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where's the Love?

I am sure some of you remember when Daddy used to call me, "The One Who Loves Me" (meaning him).  I used to hold a place of honor in this house.  I was known as the wild child, the baby of the family, the sweet girl . . . but no longer.

I think Jenna has taken my place in Daddy's heart! 
  • Daddy says Jenna follows him around, but is polite enough to give him his space.  I, on the other paw, like to be where he is, but I like to place my head in his lap.  This allows him to know how much I love him and allows me to be rubbed behind the ears at the same time.   What could be wrong with that?  It's a win-win for both of us. 
  • Daddy says Jenna is more like him: stubborn, ambitious, free-spirited.  I am a bit more reserved, more polite like my Southern name (please note, I did NOT say more like Mommy!). 
  • When my parents eat at the coffee table (which they do frequently since they don't have to set a good example for any human children), I hang back and let them eat.  I sometimes even lounge on the love seat and watch them from afar.  Jenna, on the other paw, rests her head on Mommy's knee and waits eagerly for anything that may fall her way (it rarely does). 
  • When I take my rightful place on the love seat in the evenings (the one I have held for the past two years) and mind my own business, Jenna jumps right up on top of me and stretches out.  She has no sense of boundaries (as stated earlier by my brother).  What makes her think it's okay for her to stretch out on top me? 
I've been trying to give Jenna the evil eye, but it doesn't always work.  She likes to stare me down.  I think she's making a move on my toys, but my parents assure me she isn't.  To be on the safe side, I keep my toys as close as possible to me, often times in my mouth. 

Here comes Daddy now.  He just gave me a big hug and kiss.  He does love me!  But here comes Jenna . . . hmmpf!

Wags and Kisses,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now I Get It . . .

This weekend marks the six month anniversary of Jenna's arrival to our house.   I think I have finally figured out why Jenna didn't make the cut for Canine Partners for Life.  Don't get me wrong, Jenna is a wonderful, beautiful, loveable dog, but she also . . .
  • licks the Windex when Mommy tries to clean the sliding door
  • eats the grape tomatoes right off the vine (green or red)
  • doesn't know her own strength and thinks she's a lap dog
  • sits under Mommy's feet while Mommy scrapbooks, waiting and hoping for a piece of paper to drop
  • eats the birdseed that is dropped on its way from its storage container to the bird feeder
  • eats the grapes growing on the grapevine in the backyard (Sensing a food theme??)
  • almost broke Mommy's nose
  • has no sense of personal space or boundaries
  • runs off with the toilet paper
  • eats the cardboard roll when all the toilet paper is gone
  • throws up the cardboard roll three days later

On the other hand, she is a good addition to our home because she is:
  • able to potty on command (unlike Dixie who takes forever)
  • a shadow to Mommy
  • a cuddle bug
  • a playmate to Dixie (since I can't keep up with either of them)
  • a distraction to Dixie which keeps Dixie from bothering me
  • smart enough to know she'd better defer to my authority as the oldest four legged member of the family
  • a sweet, loving puppy
Welcome Home, Sweet Jenna!

Love, Hunter

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire Extinguisher?

This morning we wanted to surprise our parents with breakfast.  They've been so good to us lately (Daddy's been trying to make it up to Hunter after this week's "forgotten" incident).  First, we thawed out sausage and fried up sausage patties; we don't like links because they look too much like little doggies.  We then retrieved the bread, milk, and eggs from the fridge to make one of their favorites: French toast!  Yum! 

Everything was going as planned until we kind of overcooked the sausage and the pan was a bit black.  The sausage was still edible and you can trust us on that one; we have a very discerning palate.  We've seen our parents de-glaze the pan with wine before, and it looked so easy when they did it.  When we poured the wine in, the pan must have been even hotter than usual or the wine was more potent than usual because chaos ensued!  The pan went up in flames!  It was ruff work putting the flames out and not burning down the house.  It was so smoky in the house that the smoke detector went off downstairs AND upstairs! 

We don't think we've ever heard the smoke detector in this house.   Hunter says he has experience with the smoke detector from the apartment in Delaware where he lived with Mommy and Daddy while shopping for this house.  That smoke detector was quite sensitive and went off at the drop of oil into the pan! 

There was no breakfast surprise for our parents after that.  They ran around fanning the smoke detectors (our tails wouldn't reach that high) and opening windows.  It took a while to clear it all out.  We think the burn smell might still be lingering.  Either that, or our nose hairs were singed in the process!  You will probably be surprised to know that breakfast continued on smoothly after that.  The French toast still tasted yummy! 

Paws Script: No actual fire extinguishers were involved in the making of breakfast!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Outside Looking In

I have had quite an interesting day.  In my seventy human years, I have NEVER stayed outside all day without the presence of my parents.  I say seventy years in the hopes that maybe Daddy will feel guilty.  Yes, I know I am technically a dog, but seriously, am I expected to act like one too?  [Hummpf]

Daddy went to work today and left me OUTSIDE!!!!  O-U-T-S-I-D-E!!!!!!  All by myself!!!!!  Mommy was shocked when she drove up this evening, and I ran up to the fence to greet her.  She had recently gotten off the phone with Daddy, so she knew he wasn't home yet.  She couldn't believe her eyes!

At first I was traumatized by my predicament.  How could Daddy just drive off and leave me outside?  He didn't even call for me to come in.  Just drove off!  To say Daddy has been working long hours is the understatement of the century.  Mommy has barely seen him during the last three weeks.  I guess an overworked brain and lack of sleep can account for the mental lapse which resulted in my neglect.  I think my sisters were traumatized too.  From my unfortunate location I could see Jenna through the sliding door.  I was locked outside, and she was locked in her crate.  I thought for sure Jenna would discover a way to escape her crate and come to my rescue.  My hopes were a bit too high.  Instead, Jenna began to bark.  That set Dixie off inside of her crate around the corner.  Poor Dixie didn't have a clue what the real problem was, but she felt the need to support her sister's cry for help.  Too bad no one was around to hear . . .

Do you know what goes on outside of our house during the day?  I had no idea I lived in such a hot spot.  School buses came and went. The trash guys came and went. The mailman came and went. Not to mention UPS, Fed Ex, and several neighbors. They kept me busy running around and barking. I had to be a lean, mean, stay-away-from-my-house machine all day. It was exhausting.

Daddy is lucky I didn't take off for greener pastures.  How would he have explained that to Mommy?  Who am I kidding?  There is no greener pasture than my own back yard, and there is no way I could make it over the fence with my two bad knees!  There was also the possibility that someone may have seen a handsome chocolate lab and want me for their very own. 

When it became all too clear that I was OUTSIDE for the day, I decided to make the best of a bad situation.  I chased birds and squirrels as much as I wanted.  I enjoyed the great weather and temperature of a mild 75 degrees!  (Thankfully this mental lapse of Daddy's didn't happen two days ago when we had torrential rain all day!)  I thought about picking grapes so my parents could make more jelly, but that seems to be more Jenna's gig.  I also relaxed on the outdoor doggie bed without any interference from Dixie or Jenna.  Ahhh . . . what a great life I have!  Birds chirping, bees buzzing, nice cool breezes.  Maybe Daddy had an ulterior motive?  Maybe this was his way of treating me to a spa day with no girls allowed? 

Naaah . . . he FORGOT about me!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where's Grandaddy?

Dixie: Where's Grandaddy?

Jenna: Who's Grandaddy?

Dixie: You know him. He was here in April. Right after Mommy and Daddy brought YOU home. I'm amazed I can remember his last visit because I was still so traumatized by your arrival.

Hunter: I always remember Grandaddy. He is the one who taught me how to go up and down the stairs in our Minnesota house. He gave me CHEESE for encouragement.  He also fed me BACON from the table!  Mommy just about killed him!  I had no idea what table scraps were until that moment.  I had only been with Mommy and Daddy for a week at the time, and I was already learning bad manners.  Ahhh . . . those were the good 'ole days!

Dixie: He gave you CHEESE and BACON?  I don't think he's ever given me any food.

Jenna: Food?  What food?

Hunter: He probably hasn't given you any food because Mommy threatened him with his life.  She came close to carrying out her threat a few years ago. 

Jenna: Not my Mommy!  She is such a sweetie.

Hunter: You know that rubber tire you two like to play with up and down the hallway?  Mommy was trying to throw that for me one evening while Grandaddy and Mimi were visiting.  Poor Mommy.  She really can't throw.  She sailed that tire up into the air, over the deck umbrella, and right down onto Grandaddy's head!  Mommy just about died from embarrassment and horror!  Grandaddy has NOT forgotten this unfortunate incident. 

Jenna:  Mommy did THAT?  I'm sure she didn't mean to.

Dixie: Never mind the tire.  Where's Grandaddy?  I thought he was in town, but I haven't seen him.

Hunter: He was in town, but he's gone now.  He was here for a business meeting and had dinner with Mommy and Daddy last night. 

Jenna: Food?  He brought food with him, and he didn't see me?

Hunter: No, Jenna.  He took Mommy and Daddy out to eat.  Don't you remember you had a couple extra hours in the crate last night?  If you weren't in the crate, you might have found some of that food around the house you are always looking for.  You know, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues . . . maybe a bear skin rug!

Dixie: So why didn't Grandaddy come see us?

Hunter: He had some other men with him. 

Jenna: Did they have food?

Hunter: No, Jenna, they didn't have food either!  They were all here on a quick business trip.  The trip is over and they have all gone home now.

Jenna:  But I didn't get any cheese or bacon out of it!

Hunter: But you did have Daddy's doggie bag from dinner last night.  Don't you remember Mommy gave us a little extra treat in our dinner bowls tonight?  That bite of steak was thanks to Grandaddy.

Dixie: Oh.  Well, I might have to write him a thank you note.

Jenna:  Yummmmm!  Thanks Grandaddy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012




We're all dressed up and ready for the game.
Thanks, Aunt Holly, for our UGA collars!  Woof!  Woof!