Monday, May 30, 2016

All's Right in the World

Recently I told you about how Mommy had been moving my crate around.  After it found its final resting spot in the corner of the den, I still wasn't sure about it.  Finally after about a week, I decided I could try to settle in . . .

My crate's new location is pretty good, but there's another resting spot that's even better:

Shhhhh!  Don't tell Daddy that we're enjoying a spot on the leather sofa!!!

The leather sofa has always been forbidden territory.  But it is soooooo much more comfortable than the bed in my crate.  Mommy does her best to protect the leather by spreading out the blanket for us.  I'm sure Daddy will learn soon enough that Mommy is letting us sneak up onto the sofa.  She's sure to be a goner when that happens!  And us too.  No more leather sofa.  Drat!

Until then, all's right in the world.  Well, MY world at least!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bath Time

We aren't really that crazy about taking a bath.  Mommy misses Hunter at bath time.  She could pretty much tell him it was time for a bath and he headed straight to the shower!  We don't protest that much, but we are a bit resistant to the idea.

We move as far away from the shower doors as possible . . . 

Is there anyone up there that can help us out of this situation?

Mommy spreads those towels out on the floor in the hopes of not having to clean up that much dawg hair afterwards, but as you can see it's all for nothing!  Jenna made herself comfy after her recent bath.  (The camera lens is starting to fog up a bit.)

We are stuck in here to air dry while Mommy's finishes her own bath.

In case you're wondering, we have wall to wall carpeting upstairs . . . literally!  One of us likes to rub up and down the hallway wall to help dry herself off.   I won't reveal which of us it is.  Mommy doesn't need to know which of us is making her vacuum the walls!  {eewww}

Have no fear, all of this is cleaned up and looking good now.  We look good too!  A little air dry and play time in the crisp, cool outdoors helps!

Hope you're looking good too!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Morning Fun

What’s your morning routine?  According to Mommy, our routine is to pester her as she prepares for her day!  Those are definitely HER words and not mine!  I’m not sure exactly what she’s talking about. 

We leave her alone while she showers and dresses.  We only ask to be fed by 6AM.  Then the fun part of our morning begins.  I love to hang out in the shower lapping up the leftover water.   I also like to bring Mommy a ball into the bathroom and wait for her to kick it for me to chase.  We do this numerous times over and over as she’s brushing her teeth, putting on her face, fixing her hair, etc. 

Trying to wait patiently for the ball to be kicked . . .

Jenna makes an appearance in the bathroom too.  She loves to drink from the toilet.  Daddy can't stand this habit, but that doesn't stop Jenna.  

She also tries to sneak in and steal toilet paper to snack on.  She doesn’t seem to care that she is scolded and swatted on the bottom as she’s running off with her treasure.  She can really grab the paper when Mommy is bent over brushing her teeth.  Mommy’s long hair prevents her from seeing Jenna sneak in for a grab-and-go. 

Sometimes Jenna just likes to hang out with Mommy.  She tries really hard not to get in the way, but she does like a good rub behind the ears every so often, so she's never out of reach.

Apparently we are driving Mommy crazy.  She has started closing the bathroom door more and more while she’s making those last minute touch-ups.  It’s very frustrating for us. 

I hope you have just as much as fun in the mornings as we try to!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Visit to the Vet

It seems like I'm becoming a frequent flyer to the vet lately.  Daddy says it's because of Mommy's habit of breaking the dawgs in our family.  She was on guard duty both times Hunter tore his ACL and when Dixie broke her toe as a puppy.  Recently Mommy noticed I was favoring my right hind leg.  She felt fear in her heart when she noticed because she knew this could be a torn ACL.  NOT something she wants to deal with (as if I do???).

She gave my limping a day to correct itself and massaged my knee, foot, and paw.  She wasn't sure which part of my body was actually troubling me, and I wasn't about to breathe a word to her.  Finally she took me to the vet and we were able to meet the surgeon on the staff for the first time.  Don't panic yet over the word surgeon!  I think she was sent into evaluate me just in case the worst had happened.

As it turns out, I did have some inflammation in my knee, but no tear . . . yet!  I have to be on restricted movement for TWO WEEKS!!!!  Seriously?  That vet obviously doesn't know me very well.  We are trying to prevent any more injury to my knee that would result in a full blown  ACL tear and full blown surgery!  Mommy is relieved.  I'm going into withdrawals without my frisbee chases.  Dixie is suffering too because it's so unfair for Mommy to go out and play with her and not take me as well.  (Sorry about that, Dixie!)

I have an anti-inflammatory to take for several days to help in my recovery.  So far, so good.  I am counting the days until I can run like the wind again!

Until then, let's hope Mommy doesn't break Dixie too!

PS: Betcha can't tell what was really on my mind during the visit to the doctor . . .


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Missing Hunter

Today would have been Hunter's fourteenth birthday.  We still miss him terribly, especially Mommy (after all, no one does a selfie like Hunter and Mommy).

Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vet Trip in Pictures

We took a trip together to the vet recently.  We were both very well behaved, but we weren't able to answer our most burning question: WHO WEIGHS LESS!?!?  The scale had recently broken, so we'll just have to wonder who the Supermodel really is . . .

Here's our most recent adventure in pictures:

Here's hoping your trips to the doctor are just as adventuresome as ours!
Dixie and Jenna

PS:  We have a couple family birthdays coming up in the next few days.  Happy Birthday to Poppa on the 13th and to Uncle W on the 14th.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mommy Day

Dear Mommy,

We wanted to give you something very special today for Mother's Day.  We know how you LOVE photos, so we took your selfie stick and tried to make a picture of us just for you.  The pictures didn't turn out quite like we had hoped . . . 

It's the thought that counts, right?

We want you to have a GREAT Mother's Day!  Happy Mother's Day to Grandma and Mimi too!

Wags and Kisses, 
Dixie and Jenna

Friday, May 6, 2016

Confusion Strikes Again

I told you my crate had been moved around recently and was causing me all sorts of confusion.  I forgot to tell you that this relocation had also caused me to be without my usual table setting.  I have eaten in my crate since I arrived on the scene here four years ago.  Part of that was because there simply wasn't room at the "table" for three dawgs with Dixie and Hunter already eating there.  I have to admit the more pressing reason I eat in my crate is because I'm a fast eater and I like to eat everyone's food.  It's not a point of pride for me, but necessity.  What can I say?  I LOVE food!

When Hunter passed away, Mommy tried to move me to his place setting, but that didn't go over well with Dixie.  It's hard for her to simultaneously eat and bare her teeth at me.  That resulted in me eating my food and hers.  I thought this arrangement was fine, but Mommy and Dixie disagreed.  I went back to eating in my crate, but I no longer have to have the door locked.  I've learned to wait it out until Dixie is finished.  Once she is finished and moves away from her bowl, I take kitchen patrol and do a quick once over to check for any morsels left behind.

For the two weeks my crate was in the garage, I no longer knew where to eat my meals.  Mommy finally sat my bowl down behind the love seat.   This played havoc with Dixie for a few days, but overall we both adjusted fairly well.  Until Mommy lost her mind one evening . . .

For reasons unknown to any of us, she placed MY bowl in front of Dixie and Dixie's bowl in front of ME.  You must remember I have a bowl with dividers to slow me down.

Dixie had NO idea what to do with my bowl.  She just stood and stared at it.  Mommy didn't realize she had made a mistake until she heard a horrible noise coming from my direction.  It was me scarfing up all of the food in Dixie's normal bowl at super sonic speed since there were no dividers!  I was finished in no time at all and ready to move on to the other bowl!

Dixie finally tried to eat HER food in MY bowl, but she wasn't happy about it. And she was really slow . . .

I thought the sisterly thing to do would be to show Dixie how it's done, but Mommy held me back!

Finally, in an effort to make us both happy, Mommy took Dixie's remaining food and dumped it into Dixie's original bowl.  Dixie was able to finish her meal in relative peace.  I made sure there was nothing left for me in MY bowl!

We still aren't sure what came over Mommy that caused her to make the switch.  She's paying closer attention when she feeds us now, so hopefully this "problem" won't happen again.  Although I'd be okay if it did.  It worked out just fine for me.  Super fast yummmm!

Here's to fast food!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday to Us!

Today's our birthday!!!!  We are SIX this year.  That's FORTY-TWO in dawg years which means we've officially caught up to Mommy (for a few months anyway)!  Boy, do we feel old!  The good news is that only one of us looks old.



We had fun playing outside with our favorite toys.  Jenna chased the frisbee and Dixie had the ever-present tennis ball with her.  One of us was more cooperative than the other during picture time.  We'll let you decide who that was.  Hint:  It's the dawg with the most pictures!

Happy Birthday to Us!

PS: We celebrate our big day with Princess Charlotte of Cambridge . . . a coincidence?  We think not.  From a couple of princesses to another . . . happy birthday!