Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful day.  We plan to enjoy some of our favorites: turkey, dressing, pie, family, hugs, kisses, and lots of love (not necessarily in that order)!  We hope you can do the same.  Mommy suggested we make a list of the things for which we are thankful.  We've been blessed in so many ways:
  • our parents
  • our grandparents
  • food
  • a warm house
  • food
  • a big yard to run around in
  • lots of toys to play with
  • food
This is just the first of the lists we will make for this year's holiday season (Look out Santa Paws, here we come!), but it's the most important.  We hope you can make a list of blessings even longer than we did.  Just try not to let one person take over (JENNA!).

Enjoy your day of thanksgiving.
Hunter, Dixie, & Jenna

Rejoice always, pray continually, 
give thanks in all circumstances; 
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Help Wanted!

Dear Mommy,

It really is time you clean the house.  You used to be such a stickler for having a perfect house, but these days not so much.  It seems that with the addition of each of my sisters, you have fallen more and more behind.  I know they shed an awful lot of hair and it 's hard to keep up with, but that's even more reason for you to try!  Even the girls are starting to notice . . .

You can't be mad at Jenna.  I truly believe she was just trying to help.  I know it didn't appear that way to you, but give her the benefit of a doubt.  After she finished sniffing my bowl for leftover food, she wasn't really sniffing the rest of the eating area for more food.  Instead, she thought that perhaps if she knocked our entire bowl of water over, she might be able to help you mop the kitchen.  Wasn't that sweet of her?

Yes, I know 5:45AM on a weekday isn't the best time to mop the kitchen, but she's young; she's still learning.  Yes, I know our bowl was FULL and the water went all the way across the floor under the entire kitchen table, but that was her intent.  Spread the water as far as possible for maximum assistance.  Yes, I know you were already dressed and ready for work and had to get on your hands and knees to sop up all that water with towels (good thing you keep so many extra ones in the laundry room), but you really should say thank you.  That's one less task you have to do this weekend as you clean house.

IF you're planning to clean house . . .

PS: Jenna's bowl is the blue one.  She eats in her crate since she is a food HOG and tends to try to steal everyone else's food.  Mommy always sits Jenna's bowl on top of ours after we are all finished.  You can probably see how easy Jenna thought it would be to help Mommy with the cleaning.  That water bowl is just waiting to be put into service.  I'm surprised Jenna didn't think of helping out earlier!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Big Chicken

It's that time of year again when Jack Frost visits us almost each and every night.  Mommy can tell if our visitor came during the night just by watching Hunter's reaction as he walks outside in the mornings.  Being the oldest, he is allowed to go out first.  We technically all go out at the same time, but since he isn't crated overnight he beats us out the door.  He can usually make it about five or six feet and then he stops suddenly to look back at Mommy.  When he does this, she knows even in the dark that frost covers the deck.

Ideally, Hunter prefers to turn right around and find an alternate route to the backyard.  He points Mommy in the direction of the laundry room, so he can use that door.  There are still two steps covered with frost there, but he doesn't have to cross the great span of the deck from that exit.  Sometimes, he even takes a running leap and hops over the steps!

Hunter must be feeling pretty good so far this season, because he has only needed a tiny bit of encouragement to walk the deck (probably similar to walking the plank in his mind).  Mommy hasn't had to resort to the laundry room door once.  It's amazing how BIG he is, yet how much of a CHICKEN he is too!

I wonder is this fear comes with old age or if he's always been this way?  Hmmm . . .

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chilly Dawg

I don't know what it is, but lately I like to go outside at night and rest.  I think it's starting to frustrate Mommy.  She always gives each of us one last chance to go potty before turning in for the night.  Instead of going to potty, I go out and settle on my outdoor dawg bed.  Sometimes I go potty and then settle on my bed.  Mommy says I look so comfortable resting there that she hates to make me come in.  The problem is, if she doesn't make me come in I will wake her up some time later in the night barking my head off to get inside.  She  knows it; I know it.  I just don't want her rushing me. 

I usually reserve my outdoor dawg bed for the long hot days of summer, but I've felt it calling to me at night recently.  I don't know about where you live, but the  nights have been quite chilly here.  I'm looking at this most recent development in my schedule as proof that I am NOT getting OLD.  How many old people do you know that like to go out in the cold?  I can't think of one.  I find the night air invigorating.  Old people won't tell you that!

Secretly, I think Mommy is afraid I'm going to go outside, settle down on my bed, and pass on to Glory.  Mommy, you need not worry about that.  I have a few more good years in me!  I know you've been trying to bribe the new vet into making me live forever.  I doubt that will happen, and so far there's nothing wrong with me a few good pills can't handle.  Until then, let me enjoy my time outside in the evenings.  Even if that means you have to stay up late waiting on me . . . please?


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guarding Mommy

Anyone who knows Hunter can tell you his bark is much worse than his bite.  He is sooooo loud!  He could probably wake the dead with his ferocious barks.  He makes a great guard dawg.  If anyone walks or drives by the house, he lets us know. 

I personally think Dixie has been hanging out with Hunter for too long.  She has learned from the best.  If she has a chance, she likes to settle down on the bed in the front guest room.  From this position, she has ample opportunity to scout out the comings and goings of the neighborhood.  She too lets us know when someone is outside, but her method is a long, deep howl.  It is amazing how much noise can come from her little bitty body.

I believe Hunter sometimes sees himself as Mommy's personal body guard.  At night, he usually sleeps on his orthopedic bed (on Mommy's side of the room) or on the floor next to her side of the bed.  I find this trait quite admirable and could see myself doing this too if I was allowed to sleep upstairs.  Instead, I'm left to guard the den from the confines of my crate.  Hmpf!

What I think is a bit unusual is how Hunter guards Mommy even when she's taking a shower.  When she gets up in the morning and begins her routine in the bathroom, Hunter moves into position.  He places himself right smack in front of the bathroom doorway to prevent anyone from entering.  I'm not sure how much actual guarding he's doing considering Mommy usually steps right over him when she finally opens the door.  Just because he's snoozing means nothing.  It's the thought that counts, right? 

Until it's my turn,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hunter's Bed

If you've been reading for a while, you already know Hunter has several beds in this house.  I really don't understand why he has so many.  I have my crate and my parents' bed.  That should be plenty for any dawg.  Apparently that isn't good enough for our Hunter.  He has a bed in front of the fireplace (we all enjoy it from time to time), an orthopedic bed in the master bedroom, and then there's his first bed. 
He received the big green bed with his name on it when he was just a puppy as a gift from Daddy.  It was HUGE and swallowed Hunter up.  He slept on it occasionally, but wasn't really that crazy about it.  After all, he had our parents' bed; what did he need a dawg bed for?? 

I can tell you what Hunter needs his dawg bed for . . . humping!  I guess it's probably not polite to talk about in mixed company, but that is about all Hunter has used this bed for during the past eleven years.  Some male dawgs get in trouble for humping people's legs.  Not Hunter.  He is such a good boy; he would never embarrass Mommy that way.  Instead, he humps his bed in the privacy of the master bedroom.  Mommy figures if that's as bad as it gets, she'll allow it. 

The last time our parents moved, they had to place some items in storage.  Much to Hunter's dismay, the big green bed was on the list.  Nine months later, it came off the moving truck and out of the packing box.  I wasn't around at the time, but Mommy said Hunter and the bed had quite a reunion!

These days, Hunter does less humping than he used to in his younger days (thank goodness).  In all of Hunter's years, Mommy has refrained from capturing these moments on film.  Aren't you proud of her?  Considering all of the other things she takes pictures of, this is quite an accomplishment.  In the meantime, Dixie and I have started enjoying the bed as it was intended . . . for sleeping! 

Sweet Dreams,

Friday, November 8, 2013

Say What???

Have you heard what my parents almost did a couple weeks ago???  They went to a Ducks Unlimited banquet and almost grew our family to a total of SIX!!!!!!!  One of the live auction items was a yellow lab puppy (gives new meaning to the words live auction, don't you think??).  Mommy said it was the cutest thing, but the worst part in my opinion is that Daddy actually considered taking on a FOURTH DAWG!!!!!  WHAT?!?!?!?! 

Aren't the three of us enough for him?  I am stressed out enough just watching the antics of my sisters running around.  A puppy just might give me a heart attack.  Dixie already has an inferiority complex from time to time trying to deal with Jenna (except for the moments when she wants to bully Jenna into submission).  Imagine how left out she would feel if a puppy moved in.  I think Jenna would deal with a  new family member best.  She would probably love to have a new playmate to jump on.  Of course, a puppy would also mean more competition at meal time so maybe not. 

I bet my parents didn't even think about the cost of food for FOUR dawgs! Or vet bills for FOUR dawgs!  Or another crate for the young whippersnapper!  Or the new total of SIXTEEN paws when it's rainy or snowy!  And this puppy had huge paws, so it's going to be big!  Probably bigger than me!  Do you think they thought about all of this???

Thankfully, Mommy told Daddy there was no way she was going to have FOUR dawgs in the house at one time.  Before and during the auction, Mommy had a chance to cuddle and smooch on it (no wonder she smelled so bad when she got home), but she resisted.  Daddy said he didn't see the problem with adding a fourth dawg; he told Mommy they practically train themselves.  Mommy said SHE trained them while he slept.  That's true.  I remember many nights when Mommy got up to let me and Dixie out to potty in the middle of the night when we were mere puppies.  Daddy just kept right on snoozing (or at least pretended to). This male puppy was four months old, so maybe he came already trained.  One could only hope.

Before Dixie and Jenna arrived on the scene, Daddy really wanted a yellow lab.  With the stardom of crazy dawg Marley from Marley and Me, yellow labs were practically impossible to find at the time.  I think there were only one or two yellow labs in Dixie and Jenna's litter and they were already spoken for by the time Mommy found Margaret, their breeder.  When Jenna became available a couple years later, we were really hoping she was a yellow lab.  Then there would be one lab from each color group in our family.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  Until Saturday night . . .

Thankfully, sanity prevailed and Daddy realized Mommy might kill him if he placed a bid on that cutie pie.  Cute or not, that puppy went home with someone else.  Whew!  That was a close call.  I hear the winner won the puppy for quite a steal.  Good for him!  Better for us!

(not the actual puppy)

Thankful not to be a big brother again,

PS: Happy 43rd Anniversary to Grandma and Poppa!  That's a whole lotta dawg years of togetherness!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Uh Oh Oreo!

I did it again!  I got in trouble.  That probably doesn't come as a surprise to some of you , but I really think it's all Mommy's fault this time.  She shouldn't leave things where she doesn't want me to touch them, right?

A few weeks ago, Daddy had carpal tunnel surgery on one of his hands.  Mimi and Grandaddy had a care package delivered that contained all sorts of snack foods.  Mommy and Daddy have both been taking their time making their way through the basket.  Mommy discovered a package of six Oreos at the bottom and decided to make them hers.  She said she didn't feel the need to pig out and eat them all at once, so she was pacing herself.  I personally think that was her first mistake.  If she had just eaten them all, then they wouldn't have been tempting for me, right?

On Saturday, Mommy was preparing a roast to go in the crock pot for dinner and doing laundry all at the same time.  She apparently decided it was a good time to have one of those Oreos.  She popped one in her mouth and laid one on the cutting board she had out.  Then she went to the laundry room leaving that delicious-looking cookie just sitting there, way up on the counter.  This was mistake number two, don't you think?  Leaving a cookie all alone by itself can't be a good thing, right?

When she returned, I don't think she noticed the cookie missing at first.  I think she may have even forgotten she had one laid out, except that it was an OREO!  Do you know how chewy those cookies are?  They make so many crumbs that go everywhere.  I was trying to sit there as if nothing was amiss when she noticed me still smacking my jaws . . . and smacking . . . and smacking!  I'm sure I sounded like I had eaten all six cookies instead of a measly one.  Dixie didn't help the situation because she was sniffing all around me looking for some of those crumbs!  Mommy's eyes narrowed at me, she raised those evil eyebrows like she does to her students, and her glance went straight to the countertop.  Drat!  Caught again! 

I'm surprised Mommy didn't make me open my mouth to check for evidence.  Those cookies are notorious for leaving black crumbs in every nook and cranny of your mouth.  She says she thought about it!  I still say this predicament I found myself in was all Mommy's fault.  I guess it doesn't matter at this point.  What's done is done.  That cookie was wonderful. The only thing missing was a glass of cold milk! 

Yummy in my tummy,

PS:  Daddy says to tell you that I don't even make an attempt to steal his food.  I know better.  I'd be a dead dawg if I did.  He also says if Mommy had remembered that it was HIS care package, this would never have happened!  Thanks, Mommy.  I knew you were a rule breaker too!

PPS: Happy birthday, Grandaddy!  I bet no one will deny you Oreos today!  Lucky man!