Monday, September 28, 2015

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Some people might say we have a problem with begging.  We would disagree.  What do you think?

Nah . . . we just appreciate good food!  Okay, ANY food!  We aren't choosy.  We like to EAT!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Hank!

No, we haven't added to our crew.  We are still a LONG time away from becoming the Fab Five again.  We are settling for being the Fantastic Four right now.   Instead, Grandaddy and Mimi have added a dawg to their family.  It's a been a while since they've had a puppy around, so it's been a BIG change for them both (think sleepless nights and chewed up plants).

We'd like you to meet Hank!  Hank, a Munsterlander,  is a fairly rare breed of dawg in the United States.  He joined the family on Labor Day weekend.  Grandaddy cannot wait until Hank is fully trained and ready to accompany him on bird hunts!

Mommy says she could just eat him up!  She and Aunt C are both in love with a four legged creature.  How can that be?  Shame on you, Mommy!  Am I not enough for you??  Aunt C, you should be ashamed of yourself too.  You have Lucy and we know she used to be the apple of your eye . . . well, until those human cousins of ours arrived.  At least Aunt C has actually met Hank.  Mommy, there's NO excuse for you!

Hank loves to follow Grandaddy around, but sometimes Hank is forced to stay behind . . .  Get used to it buddy!  That is the life of a DAWG!  Lord knows we've blogged plenty of times about being left behind and not included in any of the fun!  [sigh]

But seriously, Mommy, we need to have a talk!  You used to think I was the best thing since sliced bread and now  . . . do you need a reminder of my puppy cuteness??  Let's go all the way back to Father's Day of 2011.  How can you forget how adorable I was when you brought me home?

We didn't have Jenna as a puppy, but she was beautiful too on the day you brought her home . . . in her own way, of course.  Not the ravishingly beautiful Dixie sort of way, but the "I come from good stock, handsome" sort of way.  (After all, she is my sister!)

Please don't get me wrong.  I am THRILLED Grandaddy and Mimi have added to the family.  Jenna and I welcome Hank with open paws (and perhaps jaws).  Maybe  Hank will come with our grandparents the next time they visit.  But seriously . . . what's all the fuss about???  He's just a DAWG!

Just a bit jealous,

Monday, September 21, 2015

End of Summer Miracle

As we move from summer into fall, a miracle has occurred at our house . . .

We FINALLY have tomatoes!!!!  And it's about time!  I'm not sure how these escaped Jenna's notice while they were on the vine, but Mommy is thrilled to be able to enjoy a few before the plant withers up dies.

Happy Fall, Y'all!  And remember, miracles DO still happen!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dinner Time!

We LOVE dinner time!  We drive Mommy crazy by hanging out in the kitchen while she cooks every night.  Usually Hunter and I find a comfy spot nearby in the dining room.  We can't say the same for Jenna.

Jenna likes to be as close to the action as possible.  She is always underfoot.  I don't think Mommy has stepped on her yet, but it's only a matter of time.  Jenna likes to be available to help out as part of the clean up crew.  She likes to catch anything that might fall onto the floor.  She also likes to be there when the dishwasher is opened to help wash the dishes. 

I'm sure Jenna's just trying to be helpful, but she needs to learn that too many cooks in the kitchen make a mess!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

True Love Sofar . . .

The next morning . . .

The new sofa is here!  Mommy is thrilled with her choices!  The actual upholstery isn't shiny like it appears in the pictures. She LOVES the new throw pillow fabric.   We can't say the same since we aren't allowed anywhere near the new sofa.  We're not really sure why we've been banned.  This new fabric won't show hair, slobber, or anything else!  We can sniff it, but not much more . . .

Maybe one day we'll get to help Mommy break in the new sofa.  Until then, we'll keep hoping and trying to sneak up there . . .

Monday, September 14, 2015

On Its Way!

FINALLY!  Our new love seat is on its way.  It's been about eight weeks since Mommy ordered it, but she thinks it's well worth the wait.  The sofa has actually been ready for delivery for a couple weeks, but the delivery team and Mommy couldn't coordinate their schedules.  [sigh]

Mommy and Daddy carried the old sofa to the curb.  They are hoping someone will see it and decide to take it home.  If not, it will be carried away by the garbage company on trash day.  Naturally, we wanted to be in on all the action.  We were locked in our crates until the discussion of how to get it through the doorway was over.  Once the sofa was outside, we were allowed to go out as well.  Old habits are hard to break . . .

Hunter had not spent that much time on the sofa in recent months.  It was a bit of a struggle to hop up there for him.  He LOVED not having the old one in the room.  It gave him plenty of room to stretch out and get comfy!  

Of course all this extra space didn't last long . . .

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Possible Solution?

After our last unpleasant food discussion, you should know that Mommy is doing her best to try to alleviate that gross and nasty habit of Jenna's.  The solution, of course, starts with me.  I have to be able to keep my food down.  I'm not getting sick all the time, but apparently it's occurred often enough for Jenna to recognize the signs.

One course of action Mommy took during the summer was to remove my sisters from my vicinity in the hopes that I wouldn't feel pressured to down it quickly.  She tried to have me eat in the laundry room, but that wasn't pleasant for either of us. I won't stay in there by myself, so she has to hang out with me until I'm finished.  Jenna also tried to break the door down which was quite noisy.

Since the laundry room wasn't working out so well, Mommy decided to have the girls eat on the deck so I could enjoy my usual spot.  That actually worked pretty well for me.  And surprisingly, it worked for Dixie too.  Mommy was afraid Jenna might finish her own food and come after Dixie's, but that didn't happen.  I think Dixie's fierce "Stay Back or Else!" growl worked!

I don't mind eating by myself in the kitchen.  I can eat at my leisure and it seems to help keep my food down.  I'm not sure what will happen when it rains or there's a foot of snow on the deck, but that's really not my problem, is it?

Jenna still does her "thing" of course.  She finishes her food and runs to the door to watch me.  I don't let her worry me though.  I'm used to seeing her jump five feet in the air to be let in.

Knowing there will be bad weather days, Mommy has also started supplementing canned food with  my regular dry food.  I REALLY LIKE the yumminess that comes from the can.  I can even eat my meals with my sisters nearby when the can comes out!

We're all crossing our paws that this new food does the trick and Jenna's nasty habit is behind us.  (Everyone but Jenna, that is!)

PS: We recently got to partake in some of Mommy's gluten and dairy free pancakes and they were yummy (even if a tad over cooked).  Funny, but pancakes never make me sick!  Yummmmmm!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

NASTY! Nasty Girl!

EDITORIAL NOTE:  Although Hunter has passed on to Glory, you will continue to see a few posts where he is featured . . . don't let them upset you.  Enjoy them!  Although maybe not this particular one . . .  this post is published under serious protest from Daddy who doesn't want you to know the horrible disgusting truth about his girl Jenna!


If you've eaten recently or you're thinking about eating soon (like sometime in the next week), then STOP reading this post.  This just might be the MOST DISGUSTING story we've ever told you.  Seriously!  Mommy really didn't want me to reveal this dirty little secret, but it hasn't gone away.

Occasionally, poor Hunter has trouble keeping his food down.  He eats his food at his normal steady pace, but as soon as he's cleaned his bowl he starts making sounds that let us know it's all about to come back up.  (Yes, that's gross, but unfortunately it's NOT the worst part of this story!)  When he starts making these noises, Mommy does her best to massage his throat in an effort to help Hunter keep his food down.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it  doesn't.  When it doesn't work, she is forced to open the back door and let him out to throw it up.  (Nope, still not the grossest part of this story!)

Are you sure you're ready for the worst part?  Can you keep your own lunch down?  Take a deep breath . . . here it is . . .

The really DISGUSTING and GROSS part of this story is that Jenna EATS what Hunter throws up!!!!

YUCK!!!  GAG!!!  UGH!!!! 

Jenna has learned to recognize the sounds and will stalk Hunter around the house and around the yard.  If Mommy successfully pushes Hunter out the door and keeps Jenna inside, Jenna will watch him through the windows.  She even starts whining to be let out.  She will run from window to window and door to door trying to keep tabs on where the pile lands so she can enjoy it once she's released.  [shudder]

Our parents try to keep Jenna inside for a long while after so she won't go for it.  Sometimes Jenna finds the pile and sometimes she doesn't.  She should really think about this nasty habit of hers.  She won't be able to keep her supermodel figure for long if she keeps eating her meal and Hunter's recycled meal too!

Are you still reading this?  I'm really sorry I had to GROSS you out!  It's hard to believe but oh so true.  I've tried to tell you my sister is one nasty dawg.  Maybe now you'll believe me!?!?!

Dixie (The Pristine and Perfect One)

Friday, September 4, 2015

To Hunter with Much Love

My dear sweet Hunter,

You've been my pal for the past thirteen years.  You came into our lives on my 29th birthday.  We were so happy to add you to our family.  We had only been in Minnesota for a month and I needed a friend.  You became my sidekick, my buddy, my confidante, my friend, my heartbeat at my feet.  We spent so many summers together walking, swimming, loving on each other.

You and Daddy had quite a few moments that first year.  You were so stubborn and refused to listen some days.  I'm sure the neighbors saw the two of you wrestling in the front yard for dominance!  Apparently it worked because even to the last day if you heard one of us give a command to you or to your sisters, you were quick to respond!  You taught Daddy that dawgs can have a complex personality and weren't just meant to do a job.

We will remember so many aspects of your personality: your love of ice and peanut butter, snuggling between me and Daddy for your place in the bed, your blanket obsession, pretending you have a need to potty when you really just want to play in the snow, your strange love of consuming paper products, your love of playing in the water, your acceptance of not one but two sisters, your willingness to constantly pose for pictures!

I'm so sorry we didn't have that one special last day that I'd been thinking about and planning for the last year.  Despite the fact that you were sick and had been for a while, the end came way too suddenly for me.  Thirteen years wasn't nearly enough.

You were not just our dawg, or even our pet.  We called you Son.  Although we haven't been blessed with the human variety of children, we've been blessed to have three canine versions.  You were our first and oldest.  You were with us during so many difficult as well as wonderful times in our lives.

You were so, so precious to our family.  Daddy and I will miss you terribly.  

I was so blessed to be your Mommy.

Find a pond in heaven and we'll meet you there . . . 
We love you, Buddy.

J's Chocolate Hunter
May 14, 2002
September 1, 2015 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's On the Menu?

One of the gifts Mommy's co-workers gave her for her birthday was a cute dish towel.  She loves it!

Don't worry, it's only true some of the time . . . And, Daddy, we are soooooo sorry about that!

PS: Happy belated birthday, Grandma and Cousin C.  If you were up here, we'd fix you a cute pupcake (with or without dawg hair, your choice).