Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Dawgs

Last Monday's solar eclipse was pretty amazing.  Mommy  and Daddy both remembered seeing one way back when they were in elementary school.   We weren't in the path of totality on Monday, but we still saw somewhere between 70-80% of the moon eclipsing the sun.

To make sure we were ready, Mommy and Daddy took a trip to Krispy Kreme on Sunday evening when the HOT NOW sign was on to sample their eclipse doughnuts.  Mommy actually called ahead to find out what time the doughnuts would be HOT!  That's doughnut love right there!  For the first time Krispy Kreme replaced their original glaze with a chocolate glaze.  Combining Mommy's favorite doughnut with her favorite topping . . . what could be better???  The doughnuts they brought home had just come off the conveyor and our parents were told to expect the doughnuts to be sticky.  The chocolate version of the glazed doughnut was quite messy!  (Mommy thinks they tasted better the second day.)  And the worst part . . . they weren't dawg friendly!  Hmpf!

Our parents also made sure we were ready to view this solar (lunar?) phenomenon . . .




Mommy and Daddy

Mommy read somewhere that most welding masks aren't rated high enough for proper viewing, but she figured some protection was better than none.  She says this wasn't the first time she's looked directly at the sun!  (insert eye roll)  They also created a viewing box from a cereal box and tinfoil, but that view was so tiny that she wasn't thrilled with it.  She finally just threw up her cell phone and snapped away!

Mommy came home at lunch and watched Oregon be the first state to experience total darkness.  She even took pictures of it since this was as close as she was going to get to the total eclipse.

The sky where we live was very cloudy with the sun  (and moon) only peeping out occasionally.  This is what it looked like most of the day:

As the clouds gradually moved in and out of our viewing experience, Mommy's pictures varied greatly.  Sometimes the camera captured a reflection of the sun.  Can you see it in green?

Other times, the camera captured a direct image of the eclipse . . .

The best view for Mommy and Daddy was not with the eclipse glasses but through the welding masks.  The mask was able to pick up the image of the sun even through the clouds.  The glasses only allowed for viewing when the clouds drifted away.  Although the welding masks let our parents see the eclipse the best, it was tough to get the camera focused through the mask!

This last image was taken two hours north of where we live by the father of one of Mommy's co-workers.  It's amazing how different the eclipse is just a couple hours north, isn't it?  (and we're not referring to the picture quality, although that's pretty amazing too!)

Until the next eclipse . . . 
The Dawgs

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