Friday, August 28, 2015

Out with the Old, In with the New

Everyone knows Jenna loves food!  She can sniff out something to eat a mile away.  Because of this, her food bowl has dividers in it to help slow her down when she's eating.  I guess those dividers help.  It's kind of hard to tell.  Jenna still eats as if every meal is her last or as if she's been wandering in the desert for forty years.  Imagine how FAST she'd eat without the dividers!?!?!?

As a result of Jenna's voracious eating habits, she BROKE HER BOWL!!!  Well, I guess I'm exaggerating a bit.  She cracked it.  Without the rim around the bottom, I think it would have really fallen apart.  Mommy was just ignoring the problem, but Poppa pointed out that Jenna might cut her mouth on the bowl.

Leave it to a grandparent to know what's best.  So now Jenna has a new bowl for meal time.  Hopefully it will last a bit longer than her first.  It's a similar, but updated, design by the same company.   At least if this one breaks, it won't break in the same way.  

The new bowl has definitely not changed Jenna's eating habits in the least!  She's still full speed ahead.  Good thing she has to eat in her crate.  Otherwise, she might gobble me up too!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Do It Yourself Nose Job?

If money were no object (and Mommy had guts), she would get a nose job in a heartbeat!  She has joked about getting one for a while now.  When I first arrived on the scene three years ago, I almost succeeded in helping Mommy out.  I jumped off the sofa right in front of her and cracked the nose bone giving Mommy a little bit of a black eye.

Mommy had a CT scan a few months ago to see if something was going on up there since she kept having sinus infections.  (This was before we knew she was suddenly allergic to so many foods.)   The scan showed Mommy had a deviated septum, and Mommy was almost jumping for joy hoping a medically required nose job was going to be in her near future . . . apparently her septum isn't THAT deviated!  [sigh]

I thought this called for me to come to her rescue!  You know Mommy and her selfies.  She has the most success with Hunter selfies, but she wanted to take her chances with me.  I thought this called for the start of a nose job!

Yes, I've exaggerated.  Mommy wasn't injured even a tiny bit during this selfie session.  She probably wishes she had been!

Better luck next time??

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Since we've been on the subject of toys lately, I thought I would share with you Mommy's latest form of torture for us.  When Mimi and Grandaddy were here, Mommy purchased a neat little cart that can stay outside on the deck.  She hasn't quite figured out exactly what she wants to put on it yet, but she did make one very BIG decision . . .

Is she kidding us?  Or torturing us?  So many tennis balls!!!!!!  [sigh]

The strange thing is that Dixie really hasn't noticed the tennis balls!  [SHOCK!!!!]  I know; how's that's possible????  I watched Mommy fill up the jar with all the pristine yellow balls in our stash and then I watched her carry them outside and put them in place.  I'm not sure where Dixie was at the time, but she seems oblivious to the presence of the jar.  I guess this is what is meant by "hiding in plain sight."

I'm the one who stops by every time we go in and out and gives Mommy THE LOOK to please let me have just one to play with.  Mommy seems oblivious to my looks.  Perhaps because she's so used to giving THE LOOK at school?   Speaking of . . . Mommy's own form of torture is starting soon!

What goes around, comes around, right?

Monday, August 17, 2015


This summer I've been enjoying my new OUTDOOR toy box!  The other dawgs can use it too, but it's mostly MINE!

The outdoor toy box is located under my favorite maple tree where there's plenty of shade from the hot summer sun.

There are only two rules for using the outdoor toy box.  First, you have to pick up your toys on Thursday to be ready for the yard guys to mow.  (That's Mommy's rule.)  It is not a requirement that you pick up before it rains since most of my toys are washable.  Second, you have to B.Y.O.T.  I know it looks like there are plenty of toys to play with, but these are mine, all mine!  Bring your own!

If you feel like joining me in the outdoor toy box, come on over!  I love to play!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ain't Life Grand in Arizona?

Once again, Mommy and Daddy ditched us and headed for higher ground.  Literally, about 7000 feet above sea level!  Being that high made Mommy's ears pop and hurt like crazy.  Can you imagine how I'd feel with my big ears?  Maybe that's why they didn't take me and my sisters?

They recently traveled to Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.  While at the Grand Canyon, they took a mule ride along the South Rim.  When they leave us behind, they never fail to find other creatures to love on!  Don't they know how that makes us feel?  Mommy loved on Marcy the mule and Daddy was pretty close to his mule, Tewkesberry.  Seriously?  What kind of name is Tewkesberry?  Sounds pretty close to Dingle Berry if you ask me and I think Daddy would agree!

Mommy and Daddy also went fly fishing in Sedona.  Yep, more creatures to love on.  I'm not really sure if a fish counts as a lovable creature, but it is a living, breathing being.

Mommy says she's still waiting on the chance to wear waders for short people.  All that extra fabric just bunches up around her middle.  That's her story and she seems determined to stick to it!  At least those baggy pants didn't scare the fish away!

Daddy was man enough to brave the cold water in shorts.  Mommy said it was freezing in the water when they started out at 7AM.  The temps rose to the low 90s that day, but it wasn't enough to make Mommy shed those waders while in the water!

Sedona was a beautiful town.  An off-road Jeep tour was a last minute addition to the itinerary and my parents were super happy they decided to go for it.  They loved it!

Speaking of itineraries, it is becoming clear that Mommy and Daddy have different ideas about vacations.  Daddy doesn't believe the words itinerary, agenda, schedule, or even calendar should exist when on vacation.  Mommy believes you should go and do all you can because you may never be back!  This vacation was a good mix of their two ideas, but Daddy said Mommy almost ran him to death on a couple of the days.  He should have taken me with him.  He could have lounged around with me all day at the resort!  [sigh]  Live and learn, Daddy.  Live and learn!

My fans will be happy to know I survived the week away from my parents.  (Duh, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this, would I?)  The whole family worried about me and how I was going to handle the separation in my old age.  I'm happy to report I had a great time and hardly even noticed they were gone.  If it weren't for those lingering mule and fish smells, I might not have known they were two-timing me and my sisters!

Life may be grand in Arizona, but it's pretty grand here at home too!  I think my parents would agree!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Perhaps you remember that Mommy bought me a dinosaur toy a few weeks back.

Mommy LOVES dinosaurs for some reason.  She's had a love affair with them since she was a toddler.  She loves to gift her nephews with clothing that has dinosaur designs and keeps hoping the boys will learn to love them too.  She's pretty sure if she had a son (besides me, of course) that he would have had several dinosaur themed birthday parties by now (whether he liked them or not)!

That purple dinosaur was mine for about a minute and then Jenna got her teeth on it.  She seems to have adopted it as her own.  That and every other stuffed animal we own!

When Grandma was in town, she thought she should treat her grandawgs to new toys.  She bought two new dinosaurs (knowing Mommy's weakness for all things dino) and a new Chuck-It for Dixie (knowing her weakness for tennis balls!).   With the exception of that new tennis ball, Jenna has claimed all the dinosaurs as her own.  Jenna and I even fought over one (with Dixie as the referee), but I finally let go so it wouldn't be a casualty of war!

Mommy did her best to keep at least one for me, but eventually they all belonged to Jenna!

It's just as well.  I'm a bit too mature to play with toys now.  I generally put my stamp of slobber on them and then hand them over to the girls.  They know who had it first and who the real boss is!

Hope your summer is DINO-MITE!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sock it to Me!

I am LOVING my daily walks this summer.  I get very excited when I see Mommy come downstairs with her sneakers on.  We don't walk as far as we used to due to my age and arthritis, but we still have fun together.

Sometimes as I'm walking I drag one of my rear paws.  It usually isn't a big deal, but recently I broke a toe nail off right down to the quick.  Mommy didn't notice until we got home and saw the blood on the kitchen tiles and living room carpet.   She told Daddy he had fallen down on the job of teaching me not to bleed on the carpet.  (Isn't that right, Grandaddy?)

Mommy tried to wrap up my toe, but the wrap just kept falling off.  After spot cleaning the carpet many times, and mopping the kitchen twice, she came up with another idea.  She ran upstairs and dug deep into Daddy's sock drawer.  She found one of the gripper socks he had received at the hospital while having his carpal tunnel surgery.

The grippers on the bottom of the sock were even in the shape of paws!  Instead of one paw print, I now had about a dozen!  The sock did a decent job of staying in place (at least until I stopped bleeding), and it kept Mommy from having to clean house every five minutes.  Everyone was happy.
Mommy was surprised at how easily I accepted this sock on my foot and didn't let it bother me.  When I lived in Minnesota and tried wearing booties on the ice to protect my paws, I was NOT happy and walked like a trotting horse!

Good idea, Mommy!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Maters Anyone?

Summer is known for many things: hot weather, the beach, thunderstorms, and certain foods such as ice cream, watermelons, corn, and tomatoes!  We've been enjoying all of the above except for those tomatoes . . .

You KNOW whose fault it is, don't you?  Just the mention of food brings images of this dawg to your mind, doesn't it?

Each year Daddy plants a tomato vine, and we used to be able to enjoy several pints of grape tomatoes throughout the summer.  Until Jenna arrived on the scene.  Mommy needs tomatoes to make marinated tomatoes (adapted from Mimi's recipe).

This year (just like last year) we have had NO tomatoes touch our taste buds or come even close to the inside of our bellies.  Well, most of us haven't!  Jenna is another story.  She's been sampling the tomatoes as soon as they appear.  She just needs a Fry Daddy outside on the deck so she can serve up some fried green tomatoes!

Our tomato vine is finally growing taller than Jenna, so there's hope that we may have a mater or two before the summer is gone.  I doubt there will be a pint, but maybe we can at least have a taste!

 I have the feeling Jenna will have something to say about that . . .

Crossing our paws we might be able to at least get a BLT out of this vine . . .

Monday, August 3, 2015

Enjoy it While You Can . . .

Summer is winding down and I know what that means . . .

1. Mommy has to go back to work soon.  [sigh]  Shhhh!!!!  Don't tell her.  She's desperately trying to ignore that horrible fact!

2. Cooler temps are on the way.  Yippee!  My fur coat is really starting to annoy me.

3. A new love seat is also on the way!!!!

We've been in need of a new love seat for longer than Mommy will admit.  We have moved and rotated the cushions over and over with each other and with the old sofa in storage in the basement (you know in case we ever need it again).  When we lived in Minnesota, I used to rub along the back of the sofa and that was the first section to look less than presentable.  In our current house, we have a sofa table behind the love seat and it prevents me or the girls from rubbing all over that section . . . which leaves one end of the love seat fair game!   And RUB we have!!!!

At least a year ago, we broke through the upholstery on the piping of the cushions.  Mommy was a little bit upset, but just kept rotating and hoping for the best.  Sometime this year, we broke through the upholstery on the actual seat cushion.  I say WE, but what I really mean is THE GIRLS!!  They are the ones who really climb all over the love seat and make themselves comfy on the cushions, the arms, each other, and Mommy.

Finally, Mommy could no longer ignore the issue and began to ponder her options.  The sofa (in the basement) and love seat have been around a lot longer than I have!  They originally belonged to Mimi and Grandaddy and were passed on to my parents when they were married.  Mommy earned a bonus at her job that first year and had them re-covered.  That was SIXTEEN years ago!!!

Needless to say, this love seat has lived a long, full life!  Mommy originally thought about having it re-covered again.  She finally decided to just buy a new one.  It was the first task she accomplished this summer!  (Seriously.  The order was placed on Day 1 of summer vacation!)  We are expecting the new love seat to arrive sometime in the next month and I can't wait!!!

On the other paw, I'm sure Dixie and Jenna CAN wait!  I'm not sure if they realize it or not, but they are going to be BANNED from the new furniture!!!!  This is going to be an interesting turn of events.  It will simply crush them not to be allowed to snuggle with Mommy on the sofa.  I am secretly laughing my tail off.  I remember oh so well how I felt when the leather sofa arrived and I was banned from enjoying it!  It was a difficult transition, but I was a quick learner.  Dixie and Jenna . . . not so much!  And there are TWO of them.  They can TAG-TEAM against my parents!

Stay tuned to see how this change works out.  And my words of advice for Dixie and Jenna: Enjoy it while you can!

Good luck!

PS: Bonus points if you can name that dawg!