Sunday, February 5, 2017

Farewell to Football

It's Super Bowl Sunday and that means several things depending on who you are:
  • It's the official end of the professional football season.
  • It's a day to pig out on all kinds of snack foods.
  • It's a great day for commercial watching (something that rarely happens anymore at our house since the invention of the DVR).
Neither Mommy nor Daddy really cares that much about professional football.  Daddy will definitely watch football sometimes on Sunday afternoons, but he doesn't seem to have a favorite team.  Mommy really doesn't care about the outcome one way or the other although she enjoys football in general.  Although we will be watching the game today, it's just a celebration of those events mentioned above.

For my parents, the real football season ended right after Thanksgiving.  Yes, they watched college bowl games during the holidays and the college national championship game last month, but the regular season fun ended a while back.

Because football season was over, we apparently decided we didn't need our footballs anymore.  Mommy says at $3 each, these were a great investment for the season.  I personally LOVED the footballs!  Our season started strong . . .

But all good things must come to an end, right?  That's apparently what Dixie thought.  She recently grabbed both footballs in her mouth and refused to share.  Naturally, I had to take back what was mine.  Dixie's hoarding ways resulted in the following . . .  (Yes, I'm blaming her for this mess!)

[sigh]  I sure hope Mommy is able to find a good deal like this again next season . . .

Counting the days 'til the next kickoff,

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