Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dear Santa Paws . . .

Dear Santa Paws, 

It's that time of year again.  You might think we're going to say it's time to reflect on our blessings, but that's just not true.  Been there, done that!  Just last month as a matter of fact!  This month, it's all about being greedy.  Well, for today anyway.  (We'll be thankful again tomorrow.  We promise!)  Mommy doesn't allow us to think this way too often, but TODAY IS THE DAY!  Sit back and hold onto your reindeer 'cause we're thinking BIG this year . . .

Dixie's Wish List
  • Tennis balls
  • Nose warmer so I can have more snuggle time with Daddy.  He always complains about my cold nose.  I remind him of the old adage, "cold nose, warm heart!"
  • Front row seats to Wimbledon
  • Better yet, a chance to be Ball Girl at Wimbledon.  I'm sure I'd be the best ever!
  • Stilts for all of our furniture so I won't have to ask my parents for help to retrieve balls when they roll underneath.
  • More tennis balls please

Jenna's Wish List
  • Treats
  • Treats
  • Automatic treat dispenser.  Have you seen those trash cans that sense when a person is standing in front of it so that it opens automatically? (Mommy's thinking it's a good thing we don't have one of those or it would be Happy Hour all the time here for me!) If we had a similar can that dispensed treats anytime I wanted one . . . PURE HEAVEN!
  • Treats
  • Tour of the Kleenex factory complete with samples to nibble on.  I LOVE tissues!
  • Did I mention treats?

Both of us could use . . . 
  • Day at the spa: nail trim, massage, coat brushing, mud bath, all you can eat buffet 
  • Bigger yard
  • Sofa to call our own that we can sleep on anytime we want
  • Individual toy boxes that hold our very own toys without any interference from our sister

We hope we haven't asked for too much Santa!  We know you're super busy at this time of year.   Merry Christmas Eve!

Crossing our paws for a complete list of goodies, 
Dixie and Jenna

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