Friday, December 9, 2016

Tree Trimming

Living in a new place presents new challenges as our parents experience each new season here for the first time.  Mommy insists on a frasier fir and they aren't native to this area.  Our parents had no idea where to purchase a Christmas tree, so they asked one of their friends for suggestions.  Both nurseries recommended to them were closed on the Sunday afternoon designated for tree trimming.  [sigh]  Mommy and Daddy took a chance on a local hardware store.  Daddy said this location didn't really make for a romantic outing.  Mommy wonders when their tree picking has ever been romantic since it always consists of her wandering around and around and rejecting Daddy's picks.

You may not believe it (Daddy's still in shock himself), but Mommy went with the first tree she spotted!  Of course, she couldn't just look at only ONE, but in all honesty she really only looked at two!!  The rejected tree was about two feet taller.  Both parents really wanted that one and we have the ceiling space for it, but it was also about two feet wider which we do not have space for.  The goal this year was tall and skinny (always Mommy's goal too, but . . . ).  In the end, this was the quickest and cheapest (a whopping $38) tree shopping experience they've ever had!

The tree shopping went so smoothly, it was only a matter of time before it came crashing down.  (Not literally thankfully.)  The divorce proof Christmas tree stand our parents were given as a wedding shower gift over seventeen years ago finally failed.  No, a divorce isn't in the future, but a quick trip to Walmart for a new tree stand was.  Thankfully Mommy was able to find Divorce Proof Tree Stand 2.0!  This tree stand operates in the same way as the old stand, but can hold even wider tree bases.  Normally Daddy would welcome this new, bigger tree stand, but this year's super skinny tree has a super skinny base that caused a few headaches.

You know your tree is skinny, when you can hug it!

Mommy took time out from decorating to decorate (aka torture) us too!

Is that a twinkle in Dixie's eye or an eye roll?  We'll let you decide!

TA DA!  Here's the finished product!  Mommy thinks this picture makes the tree look terribly short, but it's eight feet tall.  You can see how much taller (but not wider) this space could have handled.

Now if only the tree will live until Christmas Day . . . this might be one time the old adage "you get what you pay for" definitely proves true!  We can look, but we can't touch.  Those needles fall at the swish of a tail!

Crossing our paws,
Dixie and Jenna

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