Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Turkey Trot (aka Our Parents Left Us Behind Again!)

Once again, Mommy and Daddy took a trip and left us behind.  [sigh]  They said not to worry about it; dawgs aren't allowed inside where they went (shame on you, Mimi and Grandaddy!).  They traveled to Daddy's hometown for Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago.

Our human cousins, K and S, were eager to show off their teepee in the woods behind their house.

Mommy and K had their annual turkey drawing session.  They coerced Daddy to participate as well this year.

Cousin K wants to be a Taylor Swift fan much to her parents' dismay, so this year's turkey is named Princess Taylor Swift.  She rules over Turkeyville (population 500, except on Thursdays).  The turkey version of Taylor Swift says "Shake it Off" is her favorite song.  Daddy thought their turkey looked a bit like an upside down light bulb, so he drew his version of a turkey . . . it resembled lunch that day!

Daddy took Cousin S fishing . . . a lesson in patience for both, but a good time was had by all!  (Picture taken on the phone from a long way across the pond.)

Daddy, Grandaddy, and Uncle W all went quail and pheasant hunting.  Hank, our canine cousin, went too.  Another good time had by all!  Speaking of Hank . . . Mommy has a bit of an obsession with him (more to come in a later post).  We're guessing it's because she can't spend the holiday with us.  That had better be all it is.  Surely, there's no way Hank is more handsome than the two of us gorgeous gals??

The human cousins love to play outside and it was warm enough to run around wih no coats all week.

Cousin S has been trying to catch a lizard for a while and was finally successful.  Can you spot it in this first picture?

We hope you had as much fun during your Thanksgiving as our parents did.  We were in a local kennel and had our nails clipped while we were there.  Oh, and Mommy splurged and gave them the go ahead to treat us to a special Thanksgiving meal too.  We refuse to tell Mommy what that meal actually included . . . maybe the guilt of leaving us behind will eat away at her like we ate away at that special meal . . .

Paws crossed,
Dixie and Jenna

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