Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Decking the Halls

Decorating for Christmas has been a tiny bit stressful for Mommy.  Maybe stressful isn't the right word.  It's just been different.  This house doesn't have a formal living room or dining room, so all of the usual decorations aren't out.  This house has a more casual feel, so this year's overall Christmas decorations do too.

The front porch is very different from our last house.  Mommy invested in some beautiful lanterns and candles that are on timers.  She has also placed the sled Poppa used when he was little (as did Mommy) out there.  Crossing our paws no one walks off with the sled!  Please ignore the leaves that have blown up on the porch.  Grandma will die when she sees them.  She taught Mommy to sweep the porch frequently, but with the wind here it's a constant battle that Mommy loses!

The foyer is probably the most formal part of the house.  You can see a little alcove into one of the guest rooms in this picture too.  That little red tree is made of red felt dawg bones!

The hutch that used to be in our dining room is now in the main living area and holds duck decoys instead of formal china.  Mommy LOVES this piece.  This is where our largest nativity is displayed.  She has used a variety of red plaid ribbons throughout the house.

Mommy is mostly pleased with the way the mantle turned out . . . except for a certain mammal that hangs out there too.  If only Flop Ear would find a new home (really, in another house, not just another room!).  Come January, a scarf will be around his neck!

Mimi made this gorgeous pillow for us while Mommy was visiting over Thanksgiving.  Who do you think it looks like the most?

Mommy hung tiny Christmas cookie cutters from the light fixture in the kitchen instead of her silver snowflakes.  She also hung that wreath in the kitchen window and an identical one just like it in the adjacent window.  Those wreaths were purchased only last year to go in the den in the old house.  [sigh]

Mommy loves how this greenery looks on this iron piece in the kitchen!

We tried to help Mommy with these difficult decorating decisions.  We replaced the Baby Jesus (and Mary too) on the tree skirt with our dinosaur.  The tennis ball serves as the star leading the Wise Men.  Yes, it would have been better if we had chosen a yellow ball, but . . .

Our super skinny tree is beautiful.  The LED lights we purchased last year really GLOW in the dark!

And it looks just as great in the daylight.  (Notice Baby Jesus has re-appeared!)

We had a last minute addition to the tree.  Mommy's been wanting to use a different tree topper than the angel we've had for seventeen years, but has been hesitant to tell Daddy.  Apparently he's had similar thoughts.  We aren't sure if this was what she had in mind . . . but it's working for her right now!

We've also added mistletoe to the top of almost every doorway in the house!  While our parents were out last weekend, they came across several trees with low branches of the parasite (reminder to Mommy, it's a parasite AND it's poisonous!).  Daddy clipped some to make Mommy happy!

We hope you haven't found decorating stressful this year.  If in doubt, throw in a tennis ball (remember to stick with Christmas colors) or a dinosaur and you'll be all set!

Wags and Kisses,
Dixie and Jenna

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