Monday, December 12, 2016

Update on Hank

As you saw last week on the blog, while we were locked up in the slammer, Mommy was gallivanting around with our canine cousin Hank.  She loves spending time with him.  She says there's something about his eyes that remind her of Hunter.  Hank loves spending time with Mommy too.

Hank also loves to spend time in the woods around his house sniffing out the wildlife.

Grandaddy built a bench a few years back from which to watch the grandchildren play.  Hank really enjoys watching life go by from this vantage point.  Maybe our Daddy will build us a throne too?  Of course, we'd need two . . . of equal height . . .

Mommy and Hank both seem to like sticking out their tongues.  That's a family trait by the way. Daddy and Cousin S tend to do that when they are concentrating.  Mommy and Hank usually reserve this for expressing their opinions about something.

Mommy probably won't see Hank again until this time next year. That's good news for us.  With luck, maybe she'll forget all about him.

Crossing our paws,
Dixie and Jenna

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