Friday, December 2, 2016

Self Control

By now, you know Jenna is a serious FOODIE!  She will do anything for food.  Anything.  Daddy loves to test Jenna's self control (and mine too) by having us balance treats on our noses.  Sometimes we make it to the release command and sometimes we don't.  I'll admit, I usually cave first!

Recently Mommy was summoned into the kitchen with the camera to capture this "training" on camera.  Not all the pictures are great, but I though I'd show you how this little activity plays out . . .

PLEASE NOTE: No dawgs were harmed during this process.  Tortured yes, but not harmed.  Tortured because excessive salivation and anxiety took place while waiting for the release command.

(That's Jenna on the left and me on the right.)

Enough already!

Round Two begins . . .

Mommy LOVES this next photo.  Check out my eyes!!!!

Aren't we amazing?  Aren't our parents MEANIES???

'Tis the season to practice self control,

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