Monday, December 21, 2015

The Angel Maker

Do you like the movie It's a Wonderful Life?  Daddy's family watched it every Christmas Eve when he was growing up.  He doesn't feel the need to watch it anymore, but he still loves to quote lines from the movie.  Lately he's been quoting George Bailey's daughter, Zuzu, when she says, "Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings."

Daddy has decided Dixie is The Angel Maker.  She loves to ring the bell to go outside.  She rings it constantly on the weekends when everyone is home.  She rings it so much she drives us crazy!

On the bright side, heaven is quickly filling up with angels!  That has to be good, right?

The next time you're in need of an angel, please give us a ring!  I'm sure Dixie can hook you up!

Love from The Angel Maker's Sister (aka The Supermodel),

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