Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Over Already?

Is Christmas over already?  Surely not!  How we can spend an entire month preparing for something that seems to fly by?  It's a good thing we have more family on their way to help us keep the celebration going!

Let's re-visit that list to Santa to see what he delivered:

1. Two faces for Mommy . . . NOPE!

2. Treats . . . YEP!  

A neon green moose with elk antlers for each of us!

3. Tennis balls . . . YEP!

4. New stuffed animals  . . . NOPE!  (Unless you count that moose)

5. King size bed for our parents and us . . . NOPE!

Two out of five isn't bad . . . as long as you're not a mathematician!  And thankfully, we aren't.  It was a great Christmas overall.  Maybe we'll have better luck with our list next year.  We hope you had a great Christmas.

Crossing our paws you have more fun on the way too!
Dixie and Jenna

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