Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's a Wrap!

Mommy is one of those annoying people who likes to have her Christmas shopping done early.  She also likes to have the presents wrapped before Thanksgiving so that when the tree goes up shortly after, the presents are ready to finish the "look."  For some reason, she's having a hard time getting her act together this year.  Most of the shopping was finished early, but the tree went up later than usual and the presents weren't wrapped in advance.  When she finally did get around to wrapping the gifts, I decided to help her out . . .

As she finished up rolls of paper, I helped by moving those empty rolls out of her way.  I think I'm super sweet that way.  I had trouble getting the rolls to fit in the stairwell, so instead I took them to Mommy's bedroom and proceeded to make them more manageable.  Once I got my teeth on those rolls, they were definitely easier to carry around.

Mommy said I reminded her of another sweet dawg who loved to help wrap presents as well . . .

Usually it's Dixie who does something to remind Mommy of Hunter.  The honor goes to me this time, and that makes me a lucky dawg.  I wonder if Hunter is the reason Mommy isn't quite in the Christmas spirit yet.  It's something to ponder, but for now I'll wrap it up.

Bark at You Later!

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