Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dawggie Decor

Mommy came across a pre-made bow at a craft store recently and HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  She searched the entire store for the ribbon so she could make her own, but it was nowhere to be found.  She has never purchased pre-made bows before because, well, usually they just aren't up to her standards.  Yes, she's snotty about bows!  For this bow, she made an exception.  I think if she could have found rolls of this ribbon, she might have purchased all the store had.

We've shown you this wreath in our kitchen before.  It has cookie cutters that feature dawgs and dawggie related items (you know, like fire hydrants!).  It is one of Mommy's favorite Christmas decorations because its theme is so near and dear to her heart.  Here's how it looked last year:

Mommy took the pre-made bow she found and exchanged it with the one above for a FABULOUS LOOK!  (Just an FYI, that bow above doesn't quite fit Mommy's standards even though she made it herself!)  Here is what the "new" wreath looks like:

I think Mommy likes this wreath even better because not only does it have a new look, but it also has a UGA look with its red and black!

This fire hydrant has a double meaning for Mommy (flashback to the tender age of sixteen and just starting to drive!).

In other dawggie decor, Mommy has pretty much officially earned the title of Crazy Dawg Lady.  She decided to decorate our crates this year!!!  Yep, she's lost it!

Mommy's co-workers thought she must be crazy because surely we would EAT the wreaths while she was away.  Little do they know what GOOD GIRLS we are!  We would never do something as ridiculous as that!  This fun festive look wasn't what Mommy was originally aiming for, but when she saw the candy themed candle rings, she decided to go for it.  They look YOUNG and FUN and that's what we are!

We hope you're enjoying decorating for the holidays.  Less than a week to go!
Dixie and Jenna

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