Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hanky Panky?

Sssshhhh!  Don't tell, but I think Mommy is having an affair . . . she recently returned home with a strange smell on her.  She tried to act as if she hadn't been away, but I know the truth.  She's been with another DAWG!  What is the world coming to?  Is nothing sacred any more?  What has happened to our Mommy-Dawg relationship?

To make matters worse, this other dawg is someone close to the family: Of all the dawgs in the world, it's HANK!  Mommy met Hank over Thanksgiving and she just couldn't help herself.  She spent as much time as possible with him, even sneaking away from the family at times to visit with him.

I overheard Mommy telling someone she could "just eat him up!"  What exactly does that mean?  Does she plan to make Hank chopped liver and have him for dinner?  (After all, he probably is wheat, dairy, egg, etc, etc, free!)  Or is he so super adorable that she wants to snatch him up and bring him home?  I vote for the chopped liver.  I'll admit, we are missing a certain dynamic that comes with having three dawgs and as well as having a male dawg around, but I'm not so sure we're ready for Hank!

I'm hoping this love affair between Hank and Mommy was just a one time, short lived, fall fling.  I don't think my ego can take any more Hanky Panky!


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