Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Advent Treats

Do you remember having an advent calendar growing up?  Mommy says she remembers the advent calendars of her childhood just being made out of poster board with tiny little doors to open each day.  Inside each door was a hopeful message, a picture, or a scripture passage, but that was the extent of the excitement.  The real allure was growing closer and closer to the 25th!

Advent calendars have come a long way since then.  Today's advent calendars are VERY crafty and can provide tons of fun for the children who follow the days leading up to Christmas. In a moment of weakness Mommy decided we needed our very own advent calendar to count the days until Christmas.  She should know we usually can only count up to four.  That's typically the maximum number of treats Mommy can carry in one hand when trying to coax us into a doing something.  Apparently we are going to learn to count much higher than four this holiday season (a Christmas miracle??).  She purchased this calendar and couldn't wait to hang it up!

The only real drawback of this calendar is the pockets are only big enough for one treat and there are two of us.  Don't fret Grandma, Mommy gives us both a treat each day!

Another potential problem is that Jenna is stalking the advent calendar . . .

I don't really see this as a problem since it keeps Jenna out of my hair for a while each night.  She doesn't sit in that position all day, but she does zero in on it for several minutes each night.  I think it's hilarious that treats are within sight, but she can't get her paws on them!  Ha!

Do you have an advent calendar you're tracking until Christmas?   Only EIGHT days to go!!!


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