Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for Christmas?  We can officially say we are READY!  Why you ask?  Because Mommy has made her homemade dawg treats.  These treats have some of our favorite ingredients: peanut butter, bacon, AND cheese!  How can you go wrong putting ALL of those yummy foods in one delicious bite?

While making these treats for all the local dawgs in our life (sorry Lucy and Hank), Mommy finished up a giant jar of peanut butter.  She allowed Jenna to clean it out like Hunter used to do.  Hunter never had a four pound jar to work with like Jenna did.  He would have LOVED it!

The peanut butter jar traveled from the kitchen to the breakfast room to the den.  Jenna had a fabulous time licking up every morsel of peanut butter! (Please excuse the blurriness of some of these pictures.  Jenna was in action!)

I think she did a pretty amazing job, don't you?  I had no idea her tongue was that long . . .

I personally will not lower myself to sticking my head in a jar.  I held out for better treats.

And Mommy didn't disappoint  . . . she let me lick the spoon and a measuring cup that had peanut butter all over them!

After the treats had finished baking, Mommy let us taste test them for quality control.  They were delicious!  And so we are officially READY!

Hope you are too!

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