Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Birthday Girls

Today is a special day at our house!  It's the FIFTH birthday of Dixie and Jenna!  Can you believe they are that old already??  Pretty soon, they'll catch up to me!

Unfortunately for them, Mommy and Daddy had a busy weekend planned and decided to put the girls' "real" celebration off until MY big day in two weeks!  Don't feel too bad; the girls weren't totally forgotten today.  Mommy did a few things in preparation for their birthdays.

Earlier in the week, Jenna and Dixie got into a fight over Jenna's favorite frisbee and destroyed it, so Mommy pulled another from the toy stash.  It too was soon ripped into pieces!  When Mommy bought dawg food this week, the store had select toys on sale for $5 each.  She picked up two she thought Jenna might like to replace her frisbee.  (Again, nothing for Dixie!  Shame on you, Mommy!)  I guess technically the new toy wasn't a birthday present, but it's quite a coincidence, don't you think?

While Jenna played with her throw toy, Dixie enjoyed playing fetch with one of her MANY tennis balls.  I guess Mommy feels justified in not buying anything new for Dixie.  Doodle Bug truly prefers her tennis balls and she still has a whole bag from Christmas she hasn't even touched yet!

When they were tuckered out from all of their running around, they decided to chill out with each other.

But as you know, all good things come to an end . . . before we knew it, the new toy was in two pieces!  [sigh]  No surprise there, right?

Since we are waiting for MY birthday for a BIG celebration, Mommy treated us to special cupcakes.

We didn't have what I would call "real" party food, so I had to resort to eating my current favorite all natural treat: DIRT!  

Of course that treat calls for flossing afterwards.  Look carefully to see what I mean!  Usually just swishing from the water bowl takes care of the problem.  Having a dentist for an uncle has taught me so much about taking care of my teeth!

On the bright side, at least I didn't have grass in my nose!

Just when I thought all was right in the world of the birthday girls, Dixie claimed all the tennis balls for herself.  That led to a bit more fur flying around the yard.  For a "non-party," it was a WILD afternoon!


Happy Birthday, Dixie!

Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Love to you both,
Big Brother Hunter

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