Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Whole Latte MORE Trouble!

You would think by now Mommy would KNOW not to keep any food or drinks within licking distance of Jenna.  Mommy can be so smart sometimes and so dumb at other times.  Daddy was in the garage working on something and he called for Mommy's help.  She went out to help him and upon her return, she discovered just how dumb she was.  (And how smart Jenna was!)

After all these years, I now know why it's called a COFFEE table!!!  Mommy left her coffee mug on the coffee table and Jenna decided to help herself.  Mommy was not amused, but she thought the books and magazines were safe since they didn't appear to be in the coffee.  However when she got down on her knees to clean up the mess, she realized even more coffee was on the shelf below.  Coffee was seeping under the nice books located there.  That's when Mommy lost it and put the camera away (duh).  Jenna and Dixie were sent to their crates until the clean up was complete.

Once the criminal and her side kick were released, Jenna begged forgiveness in the form of licks all over Mommy's face (probably looking for more coffee, don't you think?).  Dixie decided to see if Mommy had missed any spots.  She began licking the carpet and the front of the coffee table just for good measure.

Hopefully this is another lesson learned for Mommy!

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