Monday, May 11, 2015

My Clean Up Crew

When my parents are gone, I spend a great deal of time in the dining room.  There is carpet in there (which I prefer over the hardwood and tile) and a huge window that allows me to perform my daily job of Neighborhood Watchman.  Unfortunately, I had an accident one day recently.  Mommy had tried to get me to do my business outdoors and had asked Daddy to take me out one more time as well just to be safe.  I don't know what came over me, but I needed to GO!  I never do that!  I was so embarrassed.  What's worse is that in order to get the full picture, you have to understand how I tend to poop . . . I don't stand still.  I walk all over the place while doing my business.  You know what that means . . . it was ALL around the dining room table!  And then, much to my chagrin, I stepped in it!!!  [sigh]  Have I told you lately growing old stinks?  Literally!

Thankfully, I did not track my mess into other rooms of the house.  There was still a BIG mess for Mommy to clean up when she arrived home.  She usually uses a Resolve spray when there is a spot on the carpet.

The spray was NOT going to work on this much mess, so she dragged out the steam machine.  She emptied the reservoir THREE times and still wasn't totally finished.  But then something strange happened.  The cap on the canister where you add cleaning solution became stuck.  She tried and tried to get it off, but it wouldn't budge.  She finally decided to wait for Daddy to come home to help.  If anyone could fix it, she knew he could.

Daddy could tell Mommy was tired and frustrated from being on the clean up crew, so he immediately set to work trying to remove the cap.  On the bright side, he successfully removed the cap . . . unfortunately, he tore up the section that holds the cap in place essentially rendering the steam cleaner useless.  Mommy said to tell you it also had a hose that had been duct taped for years that she had been meaning to replace, but never did.  They decided to look on the even brighter side: they have definitely gotten their money's worth from the original steam cleaner.  It's almost thirteen years old (like me; coincidence??) and has served us well over the years.  My sweet Daddy showed up with a brand new and much lighter weight steam cleaner the next day and Mommy finished the clean up.

For once, Mommy didn't take before and after shots of this fiasco!  I guess all's well that end's well.  At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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