Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Sweet Escape

Based on the title of today's post you thought I was going to tell you about one of us making a great escape, didn't you?  Nope.  It was Mommy and Daddy who made the escape.  A SWEET escape.  To Hershey of all places!

For Christmas, Mommy gave Daddy concert tickets to see Florida Georgia Line perform in Hershey. They spent the night at the Hershey Hotel and then went to the spa the next morning.  

As usual, I do not understand why we couldn't go with them.  I'm sure we would have loved the concert and the spa.  Nothing says relaxation like a chocolate bath . . . or so I've heard.  I guess technically that might be a little too tempting for me and my siblings; we might lap it all up and overdose on chocolate!

They started off the weekend with the top down on the Jeep!  Mommy was a good sport . . .

After a great dinner, they saw Frankie Ballard perform the opening songs.  Mommy said this was as good a picture as she got while he was singing.

Thomas Rhett sang next and he gave a great performance (or so I was told).

Then there was the main event.  It was apparently VERY tough to take a decent picture of the two singers together!

For one of their songs, FGL displayed license plates from across the country.  My parents have lived in two of these states.  They are hoping NOT to make it all four of these particular states!!

I think both parents had a good time at the spa, but Daddy was a bit tired of Mommy and her selfies by then.  He did NOT give me permission to show off his good looks in his bathrobe!  Mommy said by now you've seen all of her best and worst, so I could go for it!

I'm sure they had a great time being away from us, but it's good to have them home.  We welcomed them with loving licks all over since they were covered in the great smell of chocolate!  Yummmmm!

Hoping to tag along next time, 

PS:  One week from today and we'll be talking about more chocolate . . . Hunter's birthday!!!  Whoo-hoo!

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