Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lucky Thirteen!!!

Our dear sweet chocolate brother turns THIRTEEN today!!!!!!  We have a big celebration planned for tonight, so we'll share pictures with you later.  In honor of the big day, Mommy took a few pictures to show off her oldest and possibly dearest.

Naturally the moment can't pass without a selfie.  [sigh]  It's not that Mommy needs pictures of herself.  It's that she wants pictures of her with Hunter, and there were no humans around to help out at the time.  We girls have trouble pushing the right button with our paws.  So the result is a selfie.  Lucky for Mommy, Hunter is the most accommodating of her need to be in a picture with one of us!  (Either that, or he's just too old to run for the hills!  Something to ponder . . . )

Happy 13th Birthday, Hunter!!!!

Love from your favorite sisters, 
Dixie and Jenna

PS: Belated birthday wishes to Poppa who celebrated his big day yesterday.  Happy Birthday today to Uncle Wes and Uncle Heath.

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