Saturday, May 16, 2015


My birthday party was so much fun!!!!  Your invitation must have been lost in the mail because I'm sure you were invited!  It was a great birthday for me.  I was feeling frisky and spry on my BIG day!

Mommy picked up all of our delicious treats at the local dawggie bakery.  The party started with appetizers of ice cream cones topped with muffins and sprinkles.

There are only two cones in this picture because You Know Who helped herself to the kitchen counter before they made it outside.  I think she also helped herself to half of Dixie's cone once we were outside.  Dixie eats in such a slow lady-like fashion that she misses out on half the treats due to You Know Who!  Mommy should be thankful her plate survived!

The cones were superb and would have been enough for me, but not for Mommy.  She said we were going ALL OUT  this year and she didn't disappoint.  She took me inside and showed me the main course: CAKE!!!!  While my sisters were outside (with You Know Who trying to break down the door), Mommy proceeded to set the cake on fire!  THIRTEEN candles is a lot of candle power.

I have no idea what flavor this cake was (I ate too fast to notice) and neither does Mommy.  She would normally sample our treats for herself (seriously), but she's on a doctor ordered wheat and dairy free diet and couldn't have any.  She did sneak a bite of the icing and said it had a lemony taste.

We then took cake outside to my sisters.  They loved it too.  And I was allowed a second piece.  It is my birthday after all!

For dessert, I helped myself to the paper plate.  You know I can't resist a good piece of paper.  It probably wasn't good for me, but  . . . well, it is my birthday!

Meanwhile Dixie wanted to play ball.  No surprise there, right?

Jenna was the perfect party guest . . . except for stealing everyone's food, of course!  She finally agreed to sit for a tiny moment for Mommy to take her slightly blurry picture!

Naturally, Mommy had to take the required selfies with me.  I'd complain more if she wasn't so dawg gone good at them!  Her hair is straight again because she had to have a few (ha!) gray hairs covered up this week.  I'd better be careful or she might take me to the salon to have mine covered up too!  I think I have fewer per square inch than she does (and we both have really big heads).  What will she look like when she's my age???

Next up on the party agenda was PLAY TIME!  Well, Dixie and Jenna played . . . I watched!

Hosting a great party is ruff work!  It doesn't take long at my age to become the pooped pooch!

Too bad you weren't here to share in the fun.  We missed you!



  1. Happy Birthday, Hunter! Great photos of your special day ... and the necktie was a nice touch.

    1. Thanks, Mr. Jasper! I had a great day. The necktie was new! Mommy thought I needed something special to mark my celebration that my sisters couldn't steal from me. So far, it's safe and sound . . . for now. If only Mommy's sanity was safe and sound!


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