Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Updates on This and That

Several of our adoring fans have asked how the cayenne pepper is working out.  It works great!  Most of the time.  It does keep Jenna and Hunter from eating the dirt . . . until Jenna discovers a new place and starts to dig there instead.  You also have to re-apply the pepper after each rain.  That can be tiresome for Mommy.  And she usually doesn't remember until she sees Jenna stuffing her face!

Our "garden" is doing okay.  We finally have one tiny little zucchini growing on the plant.  I'm sure we would have more if Mommy would actually plant it in the ground, but she's not going to do that.  Pots all over one side of the deck is fine for her.  There have been numerous zucchini blossoms, but only one actually began to develop into a vegetable.  Jenna doesn't seem to have discovered it  . . . yet!

That red and yellow you see in the corner of the picture is the third outdoor dawg bed our parents finally broke down and bought.  This was the best looking cover for the bed available at the Orvis outlet.  Mommy is going to wait until it fades to replace it with a blue and white cover that will match the others.  Until then we might need to wear our shades when we lie on it.

The grape tomatoes aren't doing as well as usual.  We've not had even one tomato make it to RED yet!  Jenna snatches them off the vine before they have a chance.  We did notice the tomatoes seemed to thrive in our absence a few weeks ago when we were all out of town.  (Because Jenna wasn't home to eat them!)  Jenna, if you're going to eat green tomatoes, at least let Mommy fry them up for you!  Yum!

The jalapeno peppers are doing fine.  Read between the lines: Jenna doesn't like them, so therefore they can grow!

I think that about sums up recent developments at the Dawg House.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!

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