Thursday, July 24, 2014

Super Sniffer!

As you know, Jenna is all about the FOOD!  She uses her sniffer to help her locate every last morsel of food in this house.  Last week she knocked over the water bowl in an effort to locate a tiny bit of peanut butter.  When Mommy finishes dishing up our meals, she stacks our bowls on top of each other to carry them to our "table."  Hunter is lucky enough to have a dab of peanut butter in every meal to help him take his thyroid pill.  Apparently without knowing, some of that peanut butter got on the bottom of Dixie's food bowl when Mommy stacked the bowls together.  No one knew that . . . except Jenna!  Leave it to Super Sniffer to find it and try to lick it.  That's when the water bowl got in the way and found itself all over the floor.  Mommy wasn't happy, but she did have a good laugh when she realized what Jenna was after!

That sniffer also tells Mommy when she has dropped dawg food in the laundry room.  Jenna is sure to let us know there if a piece falls under the washer.

That aluminum can in the corner of the picture?  It holds our food.  That blue bungee cord?  It holds Jenna out of our food!

Hoping the bungee cord never fails,

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  1. Congratulations, Dixie, Hunter and Jenna! You have won the "Where in the World is Ms. Toody" contest! Please tell your Mom, because I can't find any contact information on your blog! Please tell her I need to hear back from her by 4:30pm (eastern time) on Sunday, July 27, or I will have to select the next closest winner. I hope to hear from her soon!!! Please email me at as soon as possible!


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