Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sick as Dawgs

I've been sick with what appears to be a cold since Friday.  [sniff]  [snort]   Mommy has been giving me Benadryl to at least help relieve the symptoms of my runny nose and stuffy head.  I've also been drinking chicken broth.  If being sick is what it takes to slurp on that yummy goodness, I might just have to be sick more often!  Jenna isn't happy with the current situation because she has to be locked in her crate while I drink up the goodness.  If left out and about, we all know she'd throw me outta the way to lap it up for herself!

Mommy took me to the doctor yesterday to make sure I only had a cold.  (She's a bit over-protective sometimes.)  The vets assume it's a cold since nothing else seemed to be bothering me.  I had to have my temperature checked . . . someone should be thrown in dawggie jail for that violation!  It was a 102!  But that's normal for dawgs.  (Made you panic, didn't I?)  The good news is the new doctors who took over the practice kept oohing and aahing  over me and how beautiful I am.  They couldn't say it enough.  They also said it was good to see a lab who wasn't overweight!  (A rather rotund chocolate had been in right before me.)  Mommy snickered and said something about meeting Jenna!  Really, Mommy?  You couldn't let me have my day in the sun?

Mommy says she might take me on her walk/jog tomorrow . . . maybe.  Jenna's been two days in a row!   The injustice.  Jenna says my chicken broth evens us out.  Hmmm . . . maybe.  I am starting to feel better.  [sniff]  [snort]  I still have a slightly runny nose and I sneeze from time to time, but overall I'm much improved.

The bad news is that I seem to have passed my sickness on to Hunter.  This is bad because he's OLD!  He didn't eat dinner last night, and it took Mommy a LONG time to tempt him enough to drink the chicken broth.  He also wasn't interested in trying the peanut butter covered Benadryl (you're not fooling me, Mommy, but it still tastes good!).  Mommy had to force it down his throat taking a risk with her fingers.  Daddy volunteered to sleep downstairs with Hunter last night so Hunter wouldn't have to climb the stairs.   Mommy even got out the humidifier to help with Hunter's breathing.  (Wait a canine minute; she didn't do that for me!)  At first he wouldn't eat his breakfast this morning either, but he did go right for the broth this time and then followed it up with most of his food.  [whew]   He also came upstairs while I was writing this post about him.  I'm hoping that after another Benadryl was crammed down his throat this morning, he will be able to rest and start healing.

Please pray Hunter feels better soon.  Pray Jenna doesn't become sick too.  Pray Mommy can deal with all of her worries.

Sick as dawgs,


  1. Congratulations, Dixie, Hunter and Jenna! You have won the "Where in the World is Ms. Toody" contest! Please tell your Mom, because I can't find any contact information on your blog! Please tell her I need to hear back from her by 4:30pm (eastern time) on Sunday, July 27, or I will have to select the next closest winner. I hope to hear from her soon!!! PS - I hope everyone is feeling better.

    1. Oops - Please email me at mstoodygooshoes36@gmail.com!


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