Sunday, July 27, 2014

Barking Up the Right Tree!

Mommy loves beautiful flowers in the summer, but she doesn't like watering them.  We love lapping up the water when she's watering the plants on the deck, but we don't really like it when she leaves us behind and drags the hose around to the garage.  We usually let her know our displeasure with a few barks and then lie around at the fence gate to await her return.

Recently Mommy noticed the barking wouldn't stop while she was on the other side of the fence.  She watered the plants at the garage and those on the front porch as well.  She called out to us several times to try to calm us, but someone just refused to be quiet.  That someone was Dixie.  When Mommy returned to the backyard, Dixie told her exactly why she was barking . . .

Dixie had brought a tennis ball for Mommy to throw right before Mommy went outside the fence.  Mommy picked it up, tossed it, and never looked back.  As luck would have it, that ball landed  in a tree!

Poor Dixie!  It was about to kill her to retrieve that ball!  I secretly thought it was funny until my ears began to hurt from all that racket Dixie was making!  Hopefully Mommy will pay better attention next time.

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  1. Good morning, Hunter, Dixie and Jenna! This is Amy @ Ms. Toody Goo Shoes again! Please tell your mom that I've left a bunch of comments over the last few days, since I don't see any email contact info. Tell her she won my prize of guessing where I was, and I'd really like to send it to her, but if I don't hear from her by 4:30pm today, eastern time (Sunday, July 27), I will have to notify the runner up. She can email me at I really hope to hear from her soon, so I can send her the gift! Thank you!


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