Monday, July 21, 2014

Frozen Goodness

It has been really HOT here lately!  Well, hot for us.  Our Southern family and friends are probably rolling their eyes at that comment.  That's okay; we do the same when they say it's cold!  To help us keep our cool, Mommy made some yummy treats she found on Pinterest.  They were sooooo super, duper, easy to make that even we could have made them!  Well, maybe not Jenna.  She would have eaten all the ingredients before she finished the recipe!

First Mommy made banana bites: slice a banana, put in an ice tray, fill with water, freeze, then EAT!!

They were delicious, but not nearly as good as what she had in store for us next.

Mommy followed the banana bites with apple bites: slice an apple, put in an ice tray, fill with chicken broth and a little water, freeze, then EAT!!  If you're really lucky, follow it up with a second one!

We're enjoying these frozen treats on our hot summer days.  Try it out yourself!

PS: Happy Birthday, Mommy!

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