Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Visitor and Updates

Last weekend we had a visitor!  Aunt Holly came to spend the weekend with us, and I was super excited.  I LOVE Aunt Holly.  I love sitting beside her on the sofa and at her feet while she is scrapbooking.  I just can't get enough of her.  I'm sure if Mommy had allowed it, I would have enjoyed sleeping in Aunt Holly's room with her.  Maybe next time . . .

One of the best times we had while Aunt Holly was here was making s'mores.  Have you seen the new flat marshmallows?  They are supposedly designed to be perfect for this delectable treat.  The problem is that it's hard to roast a flat marshmallow on a skewer over a fire.  Mommy and Aunt Holly decided it was a good idea in theory and if you were making one of the many recipes out there for s'mores in your oven then they would be perfect.  I think next time Mommy will just stick with the regular marshmallows.

All of these problems with the s'mores didn't stop us from trying to score a bite for ourselves.   Jenna somehow ended up with chocolate in the fur on her ears!  We really aren't sure how that happened and no one told her.  She is such a food fanatic that it would have killed her to know there was food that close to her mouth yet out of her tongue's reach!  We only fix s'mores a couple times a year, so Mommy is kind enough to treat us to a graham cracker and marshmallow each.  Those two parts taste good, but I have the feeling that chocolate we're not allowed to have is the missing link!

It was a great weekend with Aunt Holly, and we look forward to her next visit.

Some of you might be wondering how Hunter is doing after I passed my cold on to him.  Mommy took him to the vet too (yellow stuff running out of the nose will get you there every time).  Since Hunter was running a fever and obviously had an infection in his nose, he was given antibiotics and has almost finished them now.  He feels much better.   I also passed on my sickness to my parents.  Either that, or it was a weird coincidence.  They had a horrible twenty-four hour flu-like ickyness where they thought they were dying.  They are doing better too.  Who knew I could be so dangerous?  

Jenna has apparently been the only one who could fend off my nasty germs, but she's had a different problem of her own!  The poor girl seemed fine most of the time, but every once in a while she would take off in a frenzy and come back whining and limping.  After another trip to the vet (Mommy should be earning frequent patient miles), we learned Jenna had somehow managed to split her dewclaw.  Mommy isn't sure what Jenna caught it on, but the vet has clipped it pretty short and glued it back together.  We're just waiting to see if it's going to stay together or if something more drastic has to happen.  Makes me hurt just thinking about it!   So far, she's doing pretty good.  Our biggest problems are keeping Jenna from running too much as well as preventing her from licking or biting at her paw.  She has no choice.  If not, she's going to end up in a cone and we all know . . .

Here's hoping everyone continues to heal!

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