Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ballerina or Hurdler?

As much as Dixie loves to chase tennis balls, Jenna likes to catch the frisbee!  She isn't as obsessive as her sister (thank goodness!), but she can be tireless about it sometimes.  Mommy has been trying to grab a perfect photo of Jenna jumping in the air to catch the frisbee.  There are some interesting shots, but nothing quite right yet.  If Mommy does finally catch that perfect image, you'll be the first to know!

We can't decide if Jenna is aspiring to be a ballerina or a track star hurdler.  I guess Jenna could have inherited her jumping abilities from either of our parents.  Mommy was a ballerina in her younger years, and Daddy was a pole vaulter when he was in high school.  What do you think?  Ballerina or hurdler?

I think this one says hurdler.

Here, she has a bit more grace, so she's more of a ballerina.

Ballerina pirouette?

Hurdler . . . or maybe the long jump?

I don't think this picture says either, except maybe, "Help me! I'm falling!"

Definitely ballerina in this picture.  Or possibly circus performer.

What's your verdict?  Ballerina, hurdler, gifted athlete?
(jealous due to my two former ACL surgeries  [sigh])

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