Friday, July 18, 2014

Playing Possum

Jenna has been playing possum lately.  It's probably not what you're thinking.  She recently ditched her frisbee to chase after a stuffed possum she has.  Santa left this toy in her Christmas stocking this past year, and she likes to carry it around with her.  Sometimes that includes taking it outside.  Jenna wanted Mommy to throw the possum instead of the frisbee.  I'm not sure why Mommy agreed to this.  Stuffed animals do NOT go far!

I secretly think when Mommy realized how far it was going to go (not far) and that she had her camera with her, she thought this would be the perfect chance to try to capture a better picture of Jenna in the air.  There still isn't a great picture of Jenna in the air, but these were pretty good.

There's even a shot of the sly possum!  Don't you love his tiny little Santa hat?

Here's to more fun and games!

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