Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Trouble with Jenna

Jenna recently had a really bad morning.  Personally I don't understand how on earth she manages to find so much trouble in the hour and a half we are up and about before Mommy heads off to work in the morning, but leave it to Jenna!

First, she apparently wasn't satisfied with her breakfast.  This really should come as no surprise to any of our fans since Jenna is quite the foodie.  This also should not have come as a surprise to Mommy.  Mommy had just finished cutting up a banana and spreading peanut butter on it when Dixie needed to be let back into the house.  Mommy forgot to push her plate away from the edge of the counter.  You know where this is going, right?  On the bright side, the plate did not hit the floor.  Instead, Jenna stood up and helped herself to half of Mommy's banana before Mommy saw what was going on!  I can't believe you didn't hear the screams of "BAD GIRL!" over and over at your house!

Next, we came upstairs so Mommy could finish getting herself ready for the day.  Jenna has been having trouble lately keeping her mouth away from the toilet paper.  She tries to sneak into the bathroom every few minutes for a "Grab and Go."  I have to confess I follow close behind her when she makes her move in case she's successful.  I'm always hoping I can grab a bite too.  On this same particular morning, Mommy had wandered out of the bathroom leaving it unguarded for a moment.  Upon Mommy's return, Jenna grabbed a mouthful and RAN!  There was a long line of toilet paper across the bathroom and bedroom.  Seriously, you didn't hear Mommy's screams?  How could you miss them?

I don't know how Jenna managed to survive the morning, but she did!  She is one tough gal.  I'm praying she learns her lessons soon before Mommy loses her sanity.

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