Friday, March 14, 2014

Snow Faced

Despite all of our snow this year and all of the many pictures Mommy took, she still didn't have a great picture of me with snow on my face.  She tried and tried during the months of December, January, and February to nab the perfect shot.  It wasn't until our snow last week that success finally arrived.

I'm still not sure this is the perfect picture of me.  I'm embarrassed to say I'm sticking my tongue out.  This doesn't bother Mommy one bit.  She is notorious for sticking her tongue out at our family.  She even taught our cousin Miss C to do so, and when the two of them are together they make faces at each other all the time.  I try not to be so impolite, but what can I say . . . snow tastes great!

Mommy took another photo through the glass door.  It's not quite as cute (I have an embarrassing eye booger), but at least I'm not sticking my tongue out.  

To getting snow faced!

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