Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Changing of the Flag

Since it's March, Mommy finally decided to take down the holiday garden flag flying near the driveway.  Shhh . . . don't tell her she might be turning into a Yankee!  In her defense, it has been really cold and it has been snowing and it has been frozen over for the majority of the past two months.  The flag had red in it, so I guess she was sort of safe in keeping it up until Valentine's Day . . . sort of!  But Mommy, both red holidays have passed and it is time to move on!

We are totally ignoring St. Patrick's Day (because we don't own a flag for that holiday) and it's too early to hop into Easter.  Well, technically it's Ash Wednesday and Mommy's wearing ashes on her forehead, but Lent comes first so the Easter basket will have to wait a while longer.  Mommy went with a flag sure to please her and annoy Daddy (and probably Grandaddy too!).  It's time to celebrate March Madness around here!

So kick up your HEELS as the grand finale of basketball season begins!

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