Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lazy Saturday

Do you like to sleep in?  We sure do!  During the week, our day normally begins around 5:45 when Mommy comes down the stairs ready for her day of work.  (At least we don't have to get up when she does at FIVE!!!)  We try to let her sleep in on the weekends, but she is such a morning person that this rarely happens.  She is usually wide awake by seven at the latest.  If she makes it past that hour, Hunter is guaranteed to be standing close-by sniffing her to let her know he needs to go out!  If Hunter wakes her really early, she will come down and let us all out and then put us all back to bed, including herself.  She NEVER sleeps in past eight on the weekends.  It's not that she doesn't want to; she just finds it physically impossible.  [sigh]

We recently did something practically unheard of around here:  we stayed in bed ALL DAY!  There are many Saturdays when Mommy stays in her jammies all day, but she is usually up working around the house doing chores, working on school stuff, watching movies with Daddy, etc.  She only stays in bed all day when she is really sick.  There were no sick people or dawgs in the house on this day.  Only LAZY people and LAZY dawgs!   Daddy snoozed and Mommy read a book.

We were allowed to come upstairs after breakfast and snuggle in bed with Mommy and Daddy.  We took turns seeing who could snuggle closest to Mommy.  Dixie seems to be the winner in most of these pictures taken with Daddy's cell phone.

We try to stay off Daddy's side of the bed.  He isn't always a fan of snuggle time!  He blames it on his allergies, but I think he just likes his space!

Perhaps you can stay in bed all day next Saturday and be just like us!

Lazy bones,
Jenna and Dixie

Did someone say bones???  Where???

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