Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Hairy Situation

As you know, we have had snow on the ground for about the last six weeks and it won't go away.  That's actually okay by me since I love to go outside and EAT IT.  We occasionally have a warm day followed by a cold day.  That only succeeds in giving us a frozen driveway and yard.  We are hoping to have slightly warmer weather this week, but there is still a chance of snow in the forecast!

In the meantime it's become a hairy situation around here.  Jenna sheds more than any dawg we know!  I think Mommy could brush her year-round and the amount of hair in the brush would never change.  She doesn't seem to have a seasonal pattern.  She sheds just as much in the spring as she does in the fall.  Dixie and I do NOT lose nearly as much hair.  It's all Jenna.  Mommy says her house-keeping abilities are seriously challenged by Jenna's hairs.

You know it's bad when even our snow has dawg hair on it!

What can I say?  Shed happens!

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