Monday, March 31, 2014

The Magic Countertop

Some people say if you never feed a dawg people food that it will never beg.  That is soooooo not true!  I did not know the taste of people food until Grandaddy introduced me to bacon and cheese.  Mommy wasn't happy about that turn of events, but the cheese did help me learn to go up and down the steps.  The bacon was just an added bonus as we all know bacon is the best food in the world!  Dixie and I don't make it a habit to beg, but I think Jenna was born begging!  That girl LOVES food more than anyone else on the planet!

There are pretty much only two foods I beg for: sausage balls (which generally show up only during the holidays) and pigs in a blanket.  I think I get my love of pigs in a blanket from Daddy.  That is the only food he requested to have at the wedding reception when he and Mommy were married.  You had no idea he had such a refined palate did you?  I'm sure I inherited my tastes from him!

Begging is not allowed at our house.  Daddy can look at me and say, "Don't beg!" and I'll turn away from him.  Oh, I still watch from the corner of my eye, but I try not to make it obvious.  Thankfully, we have a feature in our house that makes begging totally unnecessary for me.  We have The Magic Countertop!  Our countertop revealed itself to be magical a few years ago, long before we added Dixie and Jenna to the house.  I believe the countertop has magical powers just for me!

The Magic Countertop only comes alive when my two favorite foods are present in the kitchen.  That's why I think it's just for me!  I just have to sit in front of it and watch the goodness pop over the top of the bar. Those sausage balls and pigs in a blanket are delicious when they land in my mouth.

The countertop is very discreet and only makes this happen for me when Dixie and Jenna are not around.  If you don't have a Magic Countertop, you need to go out and purchase one for yourself.  I'm sure they can be picked up at your local home improvement store.

Shhh!  Don't tell my sisters!

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