Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's Your Favorite Food?

Do you have a favorite food?  Mine has always been peanut butter.  When I was a puppy I had a toy that Mommy would fill with peanut butter for me to snack on.  I loved it so much that I would drop the toy at her feet when I was finished hoping she would be nice enough to give me seconds.  I ate so much of it as a puppy that I developed an allergy to it.  Well, it's probably not a cause-effect relationship, but when I turned one, I started losing the hair on my chin and at the base of my tail.  The vet finally decided I would have to swear off peanut butter.  I thought that decision might kill me.  Mommy had to hide that toy for many years so that it would not bring up any bad memories for me.

Each day when Mommy goes to work, she leaves the girls a peanut butter filled bone in their crates.  She has tried to leave me a similar treat, but I tend not to eat when she's away.  We think I have grown out of my allergy, but I'm still not allowed to consume that much peanut butter.  Instead of these daily treats, I live for the remnants of the peanut butter jar.  When Mommy thinks she has pried as much of the good stuff from the jar as she possibly can, she gives it to me to lick to my heart's content.  It's super yummy!

I allow Dixie and Jenna to have a few swipes at the jar as well, but I have the longest tongue so I have the most success.

I'm allowed to keep the jar until I start chewing off bits and pieces of the plastic in an effort to dig deeper into it.  Although I'm smart enough to spit those pieces out, Mommy says she doesn't fully trust me not to chow down on the whole thing!  [sigh]

Until the next jar is empty,

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