Saturday, March 1, 2014

Going, Going, Staying!

Remember we said the snow was leaving?  Well, not so much after all.  Our temps have been in the 20's and 30's this week, so the snow decided to stick around awhile longer.  We even received another inch on Wednesday.  The problem with the snow is that now all the places we have stepped in the past two weeks have melted some and then frozen over again creating a yard full of craters for us to step into.  It is NOT pleasant for anyone out there.

We aren't getting a whole lotta play time outside right now.  [sigh]  Mommy is afraid we'll cut our paws.  Hunter said he had booties once upon a time when he was a year or two old, but they weren't fun.  He walked around with the gait of a high-stepping horse all over the yard.  He never became used to them, so none have been purchased for us.  I personally think we could use them.  And I'm almost positive they wouldn't slow us down.  Jenna loves to retrieve a frisbee, and you know my obsession with tennis balls.  I think as long as the ball goes flying in the air, nothing's going to hold me back!

Our current yard condition resembles the surface of the moon.  That's Mommy's opinion anyway.  I'm not sure how she knows.  I don't recall her ever traveling to the moon, but I do tend to be easily distracted.  Maybe I missed the memo . . .

March is now officially here and that makes us think about spring.  Maybe our yard will start thinking about it too.  It's highly doubtful as our next winter storm is expected to arrive tomorrow night!  But we can always cross our paws!  Pawsitive thinking never hurts!


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