Saturday, April 5, 2014

Whatta Ya Think?

Have you tried out the latest apps available for your photo editing pleasure?  There are two apps Mommy has tried in particular, Waterlogue and Brushstroke.  She's tried them out on several pictures of her favorite subjects (us, of course) and seems to like different aspects of each.

Waterlogue turns your pictures into watercolor paintings.  Mommy had the most success with this app on a picture of our house and a picture of Dixie.  For some reason, this app does NOT work well on my eyes.  My eyes always turn out looking like giant blobs of chocolate on my face.  Not that there's anything normally wrong with chocolate!  This app also didn't do anything for human faces.  Mommy tried and tried to turn a picture of her and Daddy into a beautiful watercolor, but it just didn't work!

Brushstroke, on the other hand, is stroke of genius (pardon the pun) for human faces!  This app turns your photos into paintings with a great deal of detail and rich, vibrant colors.  It definitely works much better on my eyes than Waterlogue.  Goodbye chocolate blobs, hello handsome hunk!  I'm sure you'll agree.

Me in Waterlogue with Chocolate Blobs for Eyes  (NOT a fan of this one!)

Dixie in Waterlogue ( I must admit, I really like this one!)

Dixie in Brushstroke

Dixie in the most realistic Brushstroke

Our Gang in Waterlogue (where are my eyes???)
 Our Gang in Brushstroke

The Girls in Waterlogue ( I think I like this version best)
 The Girls in Brushstroke

Jenna in Waterlogue

Jenna in Brushstroke (with eyes that can look into my soul!)

Obviously, I've saved the BEST for last:

If you haven't tried out these apps, you should do so!  They're fun and addictive!  

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