Sunday, April 28, 2013

Am I a Senior Citizen???

Recently Mommy bought me a new toy.  I have had similar toys in the past, but this was different.  I am sure most of you dawg lovin' people out there have heard of Kong toys.  They are designed to hold special treats inside and give us four-legged creatures something to chew on at the same time.  Our family is now the proud owner of three of these toys. 

When I was a puppy I had a similar toy that was open on both ends.  Mommy used to fill the center with peanut butter and I would take great pleasure in licking it clean.  I loved that toy so much I would bring it to my parents and drop it at their feet.  They say I used to be pretty annoying.  I was happy to follow this daily routine until my parents noticed I was losing the hair from the base of my tail . . . it turns out I was allergic to peanut butter!  Once that toy disappeared and I got over my serious disappointment of not having peanut butter, I returned to my usual handsome self.  I lived for many years without the feeling of stickiness on the roof of my mouth!  [sigh]

When Dixie came to be with us, Grandma bought her a cute pink and white Kong that was designed for puppies and she bought me a much larger red one.  Dixie really enjoyed her new toy.  Mine was okay, but it wasn't the same as the one I had when I was a puppy.  I allow Dixie (and now Jenna ) to use mine when the pink Kong is empty.  Am I nice big brother or what?

So that brings me back to my new toy.  I have a lovely new Kong that is lavender and white.  I know Mommy likes it because it is one of her favorite colors, but it's not very manly.  She tells me this particular Kong didn't come in any other color combo (she looked).  She bought it for me because it's for OLD DAWGS!!!  It's softer and easier on old dawgs' teeth and gums.  WHAT???  Does that mean I'm OLD????  Seriously?  No one told me.  I still have all my teeth. I'm not that gray haired (I mean, have you seen my Daddy?).  I do have trouble on the steps, but I'm not down for the count!

I hate to admit I've been enjoying my new Senior Kong.  Mommy has been gradually introducing peanut butter back into my life over the last couple of years to see if I am still allergic.  So far, so good.  Cross your paws my allergy doesn't rear its ugly head again.  Mommy's been giving me my very own filled Kong lately as she heads off to work.  Now I don't have to just sit and smell peanut butter in the air from the girls' toys.  Yummmmm!  Life is good.

But seriously, am I that OLD??

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