Friday, September 27, 2013

Snuggle Pups

My sisters love to snuggle.  I used to when I was younger, but I'm not as much of a fan now that I'm older.  I prefer to stretch out all over the floor and have as much room as possible.  Mommy will plop down beside me on the floor sometimes, but eventually I pull away from her.  She shouldn't take it personally; I just need my space and get a little stiff when cooped up close to her.  I don't even hop up on the master bed any more.  I have a couple dawg beds throughout the house I can use if I need to get off the floor.  To make Mommy feel better, I still get up on the love seat with her from time to time so she can love on me.  My sisters do a good job of making Mommy feel loved and needed.  They want to snuggle ALL the time.

Last Friday was a ruff day for Daddy's allergies.  He looked miserable when he arrived home from work and coughed, sneezed, and snorted his way through an evening of television until he finally fell asleep on the sofa.  Mommy tried to wake him to come to bed, but he looked comfy and was resting so she decided it was best to leave him there for the night.  Since Daddy was on the sofa, she let the girls sleep upstairs with us (I always sleep upstairs).  Jenna and Dixie were happy to do so and made themselves at home on the master bed.  It's Mommy's fault they always feel so at home on her bed!  She's the one who allowed them up there to begin with.  Daddy was the one who originally invited me to the bed eleven years ago.  I took advantage of my parents' kindness (or poor parenting skills) for many years creating "Mommy sandwiches" squeezing right up to her and trapping her between me and Daddy.  I have the feeling Mommy has quite a few years to go before the girls feel too old and crotchety to sleep on the bed (hence, the reason why they sleep in their crates)!

Sometime during the night, Daddy woke up and decided to join us.  He told the girls to get off the bed so he could settle in, but they wanted to come right back up as soon as his head hit the pillow.  Daddy was still sneezing, snorting, and hacking his way through an attack of the allergies and there was no way he wanted two furballs to join him.  He really raised his voice and yelled, "OFF!"  They got the message and disappeared.  My guess is Dixie went to her crate (a favorite place to hide out when a voice is raised for any reason around here), or the love seat, or the bed in the chocolate room (she loves the view from there).  I have no idea where Jenna went; she isn't as predictable. 

Later in the night, Dixie returned to the master bedroom.  Dixie knew to stay away from Daddy, so she jumped up and made herself a spot between Mommy's feet and calves.  A while later, Mommy was awakened by Jenna licking her arms and face.  Jenna wanted to get up on the bed too, but there just wasn't room in Mommy's opinion.  Ha!  Jenna showed her!  Jenna finally went for it and hopped up on Mommy too.  Somehow Dixie and Jenna both managed to curl up between and on top of Mommy's legs pinning her nicely to the mattress.  Jenna was so funny when she made her move; you could tell she didn't want to cross the line to Daddy's side of the bed and get yelled at again for waking him up.  I think Mommy suffered in this position for an hour or two before she finally had to get up and place them both in their crates.  As for me, I just remained camped out on my therapeutic bed nearby and enjoyed the show!

Mommy keeps an extra flat sheet on top of the bed to protect her bed linens. 
Notice how Dixie has her hind leg wrapped around Jenna. 
A moment later, Dixie wrapped her arms around Jenna too! 

Hope you're sleeping as well as we are!

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