Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daddy's Home!!!!

Do you ever sit around and wait for someone to come home?  We spend a great deal of time waiting on our parents (when we're not catching up on our beauty sleep).  Mommy usually arrives home first each day and we are super excited to see her.  She takes us out to play each afternoon to run off some energy.  Many times in the spring, summer, and fall we are outside when Daddy gets home.  Hunter and Jenna run excitedly to the fence to greet him.  I do not. 

Don't think badly of me, but when they are at the fence I finally have Mommy (and more importantly the tennis balls) all to myself!  Daddy is sometimes a little miffed that I don't pay any attention to him when he arrives.  He says it just proves I don't love him and that Jenna is his girl.  I say it proves I am focused . . . yes, on tennis balls, but still focused!

When Daddy comes home, he goes inside through the garage and then usually comes to see us at the sliding door.  Hunter and Jenna are super excited to see him.  They run from the sliding door to the other side of the bay window and back again eagerly awaiting a chance to greet Daddy personally.  Sometimes Daddy really takes a while to open the door.  I secretly think he is torturing them by making them wait.  It really doesn't matter to me because if you're paying attention while reading this, you know Mommy and I are playing ball!

I thought you might like to see what Jenna does while waiting at the door.  She may get on my nerves (that's what sisters do; just ask Uncle Jeff), but I'll admit she is also pretty talented.  I think she could play in the WNBA if she wanted.  We might have to teach her how to dribble and not puncture the ball, but she has quite a vertical leap!

Isn't that amazing?  It is, but what's really amazing are my skills with the tennis balls.  Where are those pictures??  [hmpf]  Maybe next time.


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