Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yippee! The Coffee Table Lives!

You probably think that is a weird title, but it's football season so it makes perfectly good sense at our house.  Last week, our team unfortunately lost their first game of the year despite playing a pretty good game.  Daddy took it hard and was praying for a major change this week.  When the game is on, I think aliens invade his body and take over his normally good manners.  Sometimes the coffee table is truly in danger of not surviving.  Mommy took us upstairs last week to watch the game on a different television so the girls wouldn't hide out in their crates all night.  I'm older and wiser and have seen this all before, so I know what to expect. 

Thankfully, Georgia won their game this weekend!  I'm sure we had something to do with it.  We were prepared for success:

Big Georgia flag flying:  CHECK! (although looking a little ragged)
We have a newer one, but Daddy likes this one better.  He's apparently going to fly it until it falls apart.

Small Georgia garden flag flying:  CHECK!

But the real difference this week: our UGA collars!   CHECK!  CHECK!!  CHECK!!!
(You can't see me because I'm wearing my camouflage collar.)

I am sure WE made all the difference in the world and helped lead Georgia to a 41-30 win over South Carolina.  Daddy still screamed and yelled, but Dixie and Jenna learned to pick up on the difference between the good yells and the bad ones.  They would look at him, study his face, and then go over for a rub behind the ears.  Mommy wasn't so sure sometimes.  Maybe if she had asked for a rub behind her ears, she would have been sure of how he felt.  I'm just saying.  It works for the other girls in the house.

We will continue to wear our Georgia collars for the remainder of the season.  Hopefully, the collars will bring the Dawgs more success.

Go Dawgs!  Woof! Woof! Woof!

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