Friday, September 20, 2013

Star Patient at the Vet

Dear Jenna,

First, if you don't want to be compared to your beautiful sister, please do not schedule your vet appointment within ten days of mine.  The comparison will be inevitable, and I will always come out on top!  I know you think you had it ruff at the vet's office lately, but I had the same procedures you had with no complaints.  I stood quietly for my nail trimming, two vaccinations, and the whole nasty anal sac thing.  Assistant Gary said I was, "EXCELLENT!"  I personally think my "EXCELLENT" trumps your "GREAT" accolades any day of the week.  I'm sure anyone would agree with me. 

Second, since I was put on a slight diet several weeks ago, I've lost five pounds.  I am slim, trim, and dare I use your words, a SUPERMODEL!!!!  Admit it, you're jealous.  You thought you would always be the skinny one in the house, but you were oh so wrong.  I am looking good. 

Third, even Hunter has recently surpassed you at the vet.  Yes, he gets a little anxious in the waiting room, and yes, he's a heavy breather (through no fault of his own with the laryngeal paralysis that older labs tend to get), but he was a trooper.  He stood patiently on the scales, took his vaccines perfectly the same way he always has, allowed Dr. Justin to cut his nails without even flinching when nicked a tiny bit (poor Dr. Justin), and went through the anal sac invasion with no visible response.  Another stellar visit to the vet!

So Jenna, even though you are my sister and you are "Daddy's girl," I think you still have a few lessons to learn.  Here's to hoping you learn them before your next trip to the vet!

Your wiser (and now slimmer) sister,

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