Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Down Under

I know we've told you about a few of our favorite places to hang out in the house, but you haven't seen this one before.  When Mommy is working on school work, reading emails, cruising the internet, or helping us out with the blog, this is where I like to rest.

Under the desk, it's comfortable, peaceful, usually away from Dixie (although she sometimes tries to squeeze under here too), and close to Mommy.

This is a HUGE desk that came to us from Poppa.  Mommy would love to replace it with something smaller, but then where would she stash all of her junk?  She has noticed that perhaps she should touch up the edges of the legs from where the vacuum cleaner (and who knows what else) hits them.  Maybe if I just lick them to death, I can polish them up for her. 

For now, I guess I'll just catch up on my sleep.

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